The Royal Maid Episode 65

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 65❤️👑

Alondria’s POV cont’d♥️
‘I want to meet them’..I finally blurted out loudly and Nana rose turned around sharply..
‘Are you sure??’..She asked and I paused for a while but then I finally nodded..
‘I want to see what…I want to see what they really look like and I..I want to see their reaction towards me’..
‘Oh my poor Alo,you’ll see them I promise you’.
Hours Later ♥️
The carriage stopped in front of a very large castle and i gasped as one of the footmen led me out of it..
A very large red rug was spread across the pavilion and seeing the maids dressed so lavishly I instantly felt like a pauper..

In Arilea maids aren’t allowed to look this beautiful??..
‘Are you ready??’..Nana rose asked and a lump formed in my throat..
I can do this..
I know I can do this..
‘Yes I’m ready’..I finally replied and we both walked inside..
My eyes darted straight forward at the throne and both my supposed parents stood up at the same time..
Nana Rose was right..
I have my mother’s eyes and hair..
‘Emelda??’..She called and i froze just right I was but Nana rose nudged me forward..
‘She is so beautiful Gerald!! Our baby is so beautiful!!’..My mother started crying and I also bursted into tears..
‘M…Mom?? Dad?’..
‘Come here my child,you’re finally home’..Dad replied and they both ran over to hug me..
They’re right..
I’m finally home..
King Roland’s POV ♥️

The castle was bubbling with excitement cause my marriage to Reana was happening tomorrow…
Dignitaries from far and wide arrived just in time for the party which she planned even though I was against it.
‘You look handsome tonight your highness’..She whispered as she stood next to me and handed a glass of wine..
I hesitated a little bit but took it from her hand since there was nothing else to loose..
‘You aren’t looking so bad yourself’..I forced myself to compliment her since Mother eyed me dangerously..

I honestly don’t want to be here..
‘Before we get married there’s something you need to know about Alondria’..She said and I frowned deeply..
‘She is dead Reana what else do you want??! I am sick and tired of everyone talking about someone who’s dead already!! It’s tiring!!’..
‘Not that dear husband, Alondria didn’t kill those maids intentionally—She was defending herself cause they wanted to kill her’..
‘She was killed unjustly’.
‘Why are you telling me this now?? So…So…So you mean that you’re..I..I..

‘I want you to suffer with the thought of you killing the woman you love the most without a second thought and—Oh this another warning your highness,never double cross me’..

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