The Royal Maid Episode 66

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 66❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️
‘We would never abandon my darling,just know that we would never abandon you—Not now and not twenty years ago’..Mother whimpered as she hugged me way more tighter and I sniffed lightly..
‘I know,Nana rose told me everything,she…she told me how I was captured and taken away and how…how you both searched for me every single day’..I stuttered and she nodded,and then kissed my forehead..
‘You are finally home Emelda or should I say Princess Alondria??’..Father joined in the embrace..
‘Call me Alondria,I hate the name Emelda’..I replied and we all bursted into pure and joyful laughter..
‘Invite all the villagers, invite every dignitaries!! My lost daughter has now been found and Astreya can be thrown into rejoicing again!!’..He said aloud and everyone present in the throne room cheered on..
They allow villagers into their parties??..

This is something that has never happened in Arilea before??..
I might just like my home after all..
‘Come on let me show you your room’..Mother whispered and we both giggled like little girls..
She took me up the stairs and the into an hallway of rooms.Each door had a special marking on it that I liked very very much..
‘Each marking has a meaning..I…I…I guess it’s too early to teach you the As—
‘No i want to know,teach me now’..I urged her and she smiled..
‘Well each marking has a meaning,There’s fire (🔥),there’s ice (❄️),there’s wind (🌪️) and then there’s Earth(🍃)’…She started until we got to a door with more than one marking…
‘What’s this one??’.
‘It’s fire and ice—You my dear,you’re fire and ice’..
King Roland’s POV ♥️
I couldn’t breathe..
I just couldn’t breathe as I grabbed the bed covers..
I killed her..
It’s all my fault and I realise that now..
I am a coward..

I am weak..
I don’t deserve to be a king..
I should’ve carried out much more of an investigation,I should’ve noticed the signs of her being mistreated by everyone in the castle..
I should’ve been an anchor of support because I claimed to love her and now she’s dead all because of me..
I would never forgive myself for what I did to her..

Reana is going to pay for what she did..
Now I will no longer be a weak king anymore..
No woman is that capable and no woman would ever control me ever again.
It’s time to take control of my life for once and I am going to start with throwing that Meredith in jail..

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