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The Royal Maid Episode 67

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 67❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️
At Night 🌃
‘You look so beautiful’.. Mother’s eyes welled up and when I looked at myself in the mirror I was beyond shocked..
‘I look like…I look like a..
‘Say it my darling’..
‘I look like a princess’…The words rolled out of my tongue in a gasp and she kissed my forehead..
‘You look more than a princess my darling,you look like an angel’..
‘I do??’..

‘Yes you do,you’re no longer a royal maid anymore my darling.You are now Royalty and you should never forget that’..She replied and then I noticed someone at the doorway..
He was looking at me very sternly which made me very uncomfortable..
‘Who is that??’..I asked pointing right at him.
‘Ohhh that’s Edward and he’s your personal gaurd,your father assigned him a while ago for your protection’..She said and I frowned..
‘I don’t need a gaurd?? I can take care of—
‘I know you can Alondria but we lost you once before and we are not ready to loose you again so please just tolerate Edward for as long as you want??’..She cupped my cheeks and I sighed deeply.
‘Okay mother’..
Princess Reana’s POV ♥️
The Next Morning 🌥️
The drapes were fallen..
The carpets were rolled..
The kingdom was in bliss as the Wedding bells of Roland and I rang as loud as it could and should be..
‘You look so beautiful your highness’..Marco from the doorway commended and I turned around sharply in my wedding dress..
‘What are you doing here?? No one is supposed to see the bride most especially a common gaurd like you!!’..I yelled..
‘Well I was sent here by the king to give you a present’..He replied and my anger was immediately mellowed..
‘Is that so?? Well you should’ve said that earlier’…I adjusted my composure and signaled a maid to take the box from his hands..

I opened it and there was a beautiful red scarf with a note in it..
I want you to wear this
‘Oh my it’s so beautiful’..Meredith gasped and I felt the color in my cheeks rise so high..
‘I knew right from the start that he was going to come around Meredith,everyone should get ready because their queen is about be made official’..

Hours Later ♥️
Murmurs began swivel round the church as I walked to the altar only for me to see that Roland wasn’t there waiting for me..
What is happening??..
‘What is the meaning of this??’..Father asked and I glanced around for Meredith but she was nowhere to be found.
‘I…I also don’t understand father’..I stuttered until we both got to the altar..
Everyone waited for minutes and then talks began to increase and I could just feel the pandemonium around my neck..
Patience Reana..
He’s going to be here anytime soon.

‘Where is he??’..Queen Annabelle asked and just then he walked through the door..
‘Sorry ladies and gentlemen but i,the king is not going to be attending this wedding because I want to go fishing—Princess Reana should please look for another man to marry’..

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