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The Royal Maid Episode 68

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 68❤️👑

King Roland’s POV ♥️
Reana fainted right onto the ground and I just smiled just by watching the commotion caused by me..
Everyone began leaving the church one by one and then in pairs,murmuring and gossipping about the abomination that just happened..
I could see the eyes of the servants and I noticed them dancing and rejoicing for I just saved them a lifetime of suffering..
‘What have you done?!!’..King Aril yelled at the top of his voice and grabbed me by the collar..
‘I saved myself a lifetime of suffering and pain your highness,your daughter is a murderer’..I replied and he released me with a shocked look on his face..

‘Your daughter cheated her way through the princess competition and eliminated a lot of the contestants,she also abused my maids and ended up killing three of them as well as inflicting severe injuries on others’..I explained and at that moment she woke up..
‘He is lying father!! He’s lying!!’..
‘Am I Reana?? Or should I bring in Meredith to tell the truth herself’..I crossed my arms and her mouth dropped..
‘Reana is this true?!!’..
‘F…Father it’s a… it’s a lie’..She stuttered..
‘Tell him the truth Reana’..
‘Really?? Oh are we telling secrets now Roland?? Well why don’t you tell everyone in this church how you have been sleeping with a slave maid!!’..She yelled and the remaining spectators gasped..
‘Roland!! You were having an affair with Alondria?!’..Mother yelled and I gulped hard..
‘Queen Annabelle why don’t you tell everyone here how you tortured the maid Mara until she bled to death?? Why don’t you tell everyone here how you sleep with some of the gaurds here?’.. Reana said and everyone gasped again..
My mother sleeping with gaurds?!!..
‘That is a lie Reana!! That is a terrible lie and it is not going to overshadow the fact that my son was in love and sleeping with a slave—
‘Slave?? She was a slave maid to you mother but she was more than that to me!! She was the woman after my heart!! The woman I loved and the only woman who understood me!! Did you really think I wanted to get married to Reana? That I wanted to invite twenty princesses?? That i wanted all this?? Everything I did was for the betterment of this kingdom and I just realised that it’s not even worth fighting for anymore!! SHE HAD TO DIE!! I had to kill the woman I loved because I wanted to serve my kingdom and she wasn’t a murderer?? She was only defending herself because Reana sent two maids to kill her and it was turned against her!! Do you know what it meant to kill her??!’..I yelled at the top of my voice pointing at every single royal in the building..
‘Roland you have to—
‘I am done listening to whatever you have to say mother,King Aril I am going to pardon your daughter if you don’t make any plans of rebelling’..I said and he nodded..

‘As for you mother…You’ll be sent to a dower house and you’re going to live there whether you like it or not,I AM TAKING CHARGE NOW!’..

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