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The Royal Maid Episode 69

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 69❤️ 👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️
A month later ♥️
‘Are you stalking me?!!’..I yelled at Edward who was behind me while I plucked the weeds in the garden..
‘I am not stalking you your highness,I am your personal bodygaurd’..He replied with a smug smile on his face and I groaned..
There is something about him that just keeps me off the edge..
Maybe because of the fact that he reminds me of the man I loved who betrayed me in the end and got me hanged..
‘Well I am gardening and I don’t need a bodyguard when I’m plucking weeds’..I grunted and winced at the thorn who pricked me..
‘You know you don’t have to be so angry when I’m around princess,you’re extremely beautiful but very angry at the same time’..He said and I frowned.

‘I thought gaurds weren’t supposed to talk and just do what they’re told to do??’..
‘Well I’m not just a gaurd,I’m clearly too handsome and you can’t resist me’..He replied and smirked again..
‘You believe in yourself so much Edward and I don’t need a man in my life thank you’..I groaned…
What kind of a man is he??..
Since when did a mere bodyguard have so much pride??…
‘Because you were in love with a king when you were a royal maid,he used you and then broke your heart which almost got you killed’..
‘Wait how did you—
‘Trust me princess I know everything’..
King Roland’s POV ♥️
I listened to the complaints of my subjects absentmindedly and dismissed them immediately..
I just don’t care about anything anymore..
Alondria’s dead..
Gregory’s gone..
My brother is far away..
My mother is in the dower house so technically I am as lonely as a cactus plant in the middle of the desert..

Even Marco decided to retire just when he is the only person I can trust in the whole kingdom..
‘Any update around the kingdom Marcel??’..I asked my new royal assistant and he bowed down in courtsey..
‘Well the Kingdom of Astreya is in jubiliation for the lost princess had returned and rumors have it that she is more beautiful than any maiden in the seven kingdoms’..He said and my eyes widened in curiosity..
‘What does she look like??’..
‘Well she has golden hair and the most beautiful blue eyes anyone has ever seen,Princes and Kings from far and wide are all trooping over for her hand in marriage but she just wouldn’t marry anyone’ ..He replied..

Golden hair and blue eyes??..
Sounds a lot like how my Alondria looks..
‘Send an invite to the princess of Astreya Marcel,I’m hosting a ball and I want her to be there’..

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