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The Royal Maid Episode 70

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 70❤️👑

Alondria’s POV 🎀
‘Hahaha you’re joking right??’..I chuckled as mother read the letter which was sent for me aloud..
‘No I am not joking Alondria,the king of Arilea invited you to his kingdom for a ball’..She replied and my countenance changed…
‘Ohhh now he heard that there’s a fair princess in the land so he wants to invite me!! Did he also forget the part where he got me hanged?!’..I yelled at the top of her voice..
‘What are you talking about Alo….Wait you were a royal maid in Arilea??’..Her eyes widened and I sighed deeply..
‘More like a royal slave in Arilea,I was flogged and tortured by the Royal maidens there all because I had beautiful blue eyes.Being pretty in that castle was an abomination when you’re a slave and the Queen mother only made it worse’..
‘Hmmm tell me more’..

‘She tortured me mother and made sure I suffered like I had no feelings or I wasn’t even human,she killed one of my best friends Mara who stood up for me.Princess Reana,the King’s betrothed hated me with so much passion and was my nightmare there,she sent to maids to kill me and I defended—
‘You defended yourself and they got you hanged,trust me I have almost been through the same as you’..She completed my sentence and my mouth dropped..
‘Did you…
‘Yes,I was once a royal maid in Arilea before king Roland was even born and his mother made my life a living hell even before she was married to his father….I am so glad she was casted away to a Dower house’..She replied and my brows furrowed..
Thank goodness I left out the part where Roland and I had an affair,if she knew there was going to be war..
‘Is…Is he married to Pr—
‘No,the wedding was canceled and from the gossips I hear in my book club it was a fun and at the same time abominable sight to watch,Princess Reana was disgraced by the king himself who wasn’t even dressed for the occasion and instead exposed her’..She replied and my eyes lit up..
Yes yes yes!!..
Finally she met her Waterloo!!..
‘Poor her’..I said and mother stared at me for a while before we both bursted into laughter..
‘What is going on here??’..Father joined in the conversation and I smiled up at him..
‘It’s women talk,you have nothing to do with it’..Mother said and he winked at her like it was their first time of meeting..
They’re always so romantic and so loving towards me..
I couldn’t have asked for better parents..
I slowly walked away leaving the two lovebirds in their room and strode over to the courtyard in the middle of the night only for someone to grab me..

‘Who the…Why did you do that?!!’..I yelled realizing that it was Edward..
‘I don’t know,I’m attracted to you princess’..He replied and I frowned deeply..
‘Don’t do that again’..
‘Or what?”..
‘Or I’ll…or I’ll…ughhh just leave me alone!’..

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