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The Royal Maid Episode 72

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 72❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️
I yanwed loudly as I woke up and turned around only for me to see Edward in front of me..
‘Ahhh don’t you have any form of sense of privacy?!!’..I screamed but he just kept eating his banana..
‘Your mother wanted me here with you’..
‘She wanted you outside my door not creeping around me every single time!! What if I was naked?!’..I yelled..
‘Well it would be a sight to behold’..He replied and I gripped my bedsheets angrily..
What is wrong with this man for crying out loud?!..

‘Well can you please leave?? I don’t want you here’..I asked of him but instead he sat down on the chair next to my bed..
‘Sorry princess but I can’t leave,you look beautiful in the morning by the way’..He chuckled and I stood up…
‘I could have you thrown in the dungeon if I wanted to!’..
‘But you won’t’.
‘Yes I….how do you know I won’t?!!’..
‘Because you like me’..
‘Like you??! You irritate the hell out of me and you’re saying I like you?!’..
‘I irritate you and that means you like me’..He said and I groaned at the top of my voice..
Minutes Later ♥️
The maids finishes dressing me and I went back to my room and he was still there waiting for me..
‘Are you always this persistent?!’..I asked.
‘I am not persistent Alondria,I am just doing my job but anyways we should get going’..He replied and my brows furrowed..
’Where are we going??’..
‘To the village fair,every year the queen hosts it but this year she’s giving you the honor’..He explained and I couldn’t help but smile…
In Arilea there’s nothing like a village fair and even if there is it would just be a ploy to take their money…

Now that I think of it Roland isn’t really a good king..
He is a good man or I thought he was but he isn’t a good king..
He just allows the Royal council to control him..
At Night 🌃
Edward and I distributed cornbread and molasses to the orphans and even gave the poor villagers some goats and sheep to rear and make money…
The kingdom of Astreya is one of the most prosperous among the seven kingdoms and not because it slaps taxes on it’s subjects but because it loves and provides for them..

Even the children are given free education and that is something Arilea will never do..
‘Are you okay?? You look flushed’..Edward asked as he stood next to me..
‘I’m fine’..I replied but he was right..
I was feeling a little bit off and there was a cramp in my lower abdomen..
‘You’re not feeling well princess stand in front of me’..He whispered and dragged me to his front..
‘What are you doing?!!’..
‘I am saving you from embarrassing yourself princess,I think it’s your time of the month’..He whispered again and then I realised what it was..

Oh God..

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