The Royal Maid Episode 74

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 74❤️👑
Edward’s POV ♥️
I don’t know why but something sparked inside me the moment my lips touched Princess Alondria’s…
It was like a flame lit in my heart..
A flame that died a long time ago..
A flame that died the moment Cassandra,the first woman I loved was killed and also died right in front of me..
‘Well I…I…I…we…we…we should get going’..She stammered and I felt the tension between the both of us..
‘The carriage is here let’s..
‘No I want to walk back to the castle,I need a little bit of fresh air’..She rasped I nodded as we both walked away from the overly excited and drunk in joy villagers..
‘You know you and i… we’re kind of alike’..
’Hmmm what do you mean??’..
‘I mean that we’ve both been betrayed by people’..
‘I didn’t think you knew much about betrayal’..
‘Ohh there’s a lot you don’t know about me princess’..
‘Tell me’..She nudged my shoulder but I shook my head..
‘Maybe one day I will but right now my priority is getting you home’..I said.
‘You know you’re not so bad yourself Edward,you’re annoying but I guess I can manage’..
Alondria’s POV ♥️
The Next Day ⛅
‘Okay you promised me Edward,I tell you my story which you already know of and you tell me yours’..I sat down next to my personal gaurd and he frowned..
‘I told you one day princess not today’..
‘Well I want it to be today,that’s an order’..I smiled and he sighed deeply..
‘Well my story is a pretty simple one…I wasn’t always a royal gaurd you know?? I was a prince’..
‘A prince?!! You are a prince?!’..I said aloud but he quickly covered my mouth..
‘Keep it down will you??’..He whispered and when I nodded he took his hands off my mouth..
‘Yes I was a prince of a kingdom I don’t want to mention…I had a sister and trust me she was the most devious and cunning thing you have ever met.There was this maid who I was in love with,her name was Cassandra and she was just like you.Feisty, beautiful,not afraid to speak the truth and surprisingly very strong.We were so much in love with each other but my sister hated Cassandra,she loathed every being more beautiful than her…you can say she’s Snow white’s step mother’s cousin’..He added.
‘So what happened?? To Cassandra I mean??’..I asked .
‘Well it was simple actually,I wanted to marry her and father was on board with the marriage for he never cared about Cassandra’s background?? As long as she could give me an heir he was fine..Everyone was onboard but my sister never agreed to the marriage’..He replied..
‘Awww so what did she do??’..
‘She made an alliance with some bandits and they raided the wedding and ended up killing Cassandra in front of me.I wanted to spill blood that day,I wanted to kill her but my father protected her and because of that I denounced my position as the prince and left the kingdom’…

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