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Written By Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️
💚🍎🌹 Chapter Eleven 🍎💚

Simon’s POV
Oh My Gee..
I touched my neck and felt my necklace is missing.
“Return to the restaurant!” I ordered my driver and he began to make a U-turn.
I have so many other necklaces and I have money to buy more but this particular necklace is very important.Dad told me that my mom gave it to me before she died. So, this necklace is the only thing that reminds me of my mom.
It’s a pure gold necklace with a old silver key pendant.
We got to the restaurant.
“Quiet and closed, I don’t think anyone is in there, they must have left early because of the rain” My driver said.
What am I going to do? Thieves won’t hesitate to take it, I’m not worried about the pure gold necklace but the old silver pendant. I promised Dad to always have it with me and put it on. How could I have been so careless?
“Let’s go home” I said to the driver, immediately the car began to move.
I saw the new girl, Audrey or whatever she says her name is… She is so dumb, in an heavy rain she’s cat-walking under it, how stupid.
“Drive slowly” I said to the driver as I watched her sluggish drama in the rain.
Suddenly, a car sped passed us and pulled over in front of her.
And who is this person?
I saw as a man came out of the car, Her Dad?
Of course not, A father won’t smile wickedly at her and if he were her dad, Audrey won’t show him a less concern look or walk away from him.
Then the man grabbed her forcefully.
“Drive faster, go go” I yelled at my driver.
“No, stop” I yelled at him again and he did so, I rushed out of the car and ran towards them then shouted ” Leave her alone”
But this cruel man won’t listen, he continued to drag her forcefully into his car.
“Simon, please help me” Audrey whimpered.
Did she see me or she recongized my voice?
The man played deaf and succeeded in pushing the poor girl into the car.
“I said leave her alone” I shouted when I came closer.
“Young boy, it’s none of your business” He said to me and was about to enter the car.
That’s true, it’s not my business
But I know this girl and this shameless man here wants to molest her.
I pulled him by his cloth and slammed the car door, so he won’t be able to open it so quickly or run inside.
“Aren’t you in your late thirties? You should be ashamed of yourself. The young girl is struggling in the rain and the only thing you could do is to force yourself on her. Don’t you have a wife and children at home? ” I yelled at him.
“Fool, don’t tell me you are trying to beat up a man older than your father” The pervert said as he tried to punch me on the face, I don’t know how but I was able to dodge it.
“Help me” Audrey shouted from the car.
“Fool, get out yourself” I shouted at her.
She pushed the car door and struggled out… Then moved almost far away from us.
“Idiot” The raptist yelled at me angrily.
“You are the one who is an idiot, a rapist, a pervert and a Pedophile” I shouted back.
“You sure know me well, come close to her or any other girl next time and I would cut your prick, you won’t want to dare me” I said and he confronted me like he is going to beat me up.
My driver drove closer to us,
because it was dark, the shameless man couldn’t see who it was, he thought I already called the police.
“You! ” He yelled at me, kicked Audrey and she winced in pain then he went into his car and drove away quickly.
“Simon” Audrey muttered my name as she tried to stand up but she found it difficult to do so.
“Why are so dumb and not smart?” I said to her instead.
“Audrey” We heard someone called.
“The dumber one is here” I said and turned to walk to where my car was parked.
“What did you do to her you idiot! ” Kyle shouted at me..
I scoffed and walked into the car then my driver began to drive.
Audrey’s POV
He is not completely bad, he seems to have good part too. I mean he just saved me from a rapist, do I not owe him alot?
“Are you okay? ” Kyle asked me as he held an umbrella above my head while the rain fell heavily on him.
I didn’t say anything.
“Come, there is a shield over there and seats too” He said, I finally stood up and we walked to the nearby shield and sat.
“I’m sorry” Kyle suddenly said but I kept mute.
“I swear, I really am” He apologized and I shrugged then turned away from him.
“Are you mad at me? I was just too upset when I saw you stare keenly at someone I hate the most. I don’t want my friends or people around me to be his friend too and apart from that, I…,.. I’m sorry ” He pleaded and turned back to him and hugged him.
“I’ve missed you” I really do.
“I miss you too” He said. Then we disengaged.
I cleared my throat and smiled at him, I think he is the main one. Hm!
There was a brief silence which I broke.
“Err…,it’s raining and it’s getting really dark. What are doing outside, I mean here? ” I asked him.
“I came to see you” He replied immediately.
I blushed.
“You know, I got used to you already and all of sudden, you stopped talking to me. I felt heartbr… I felt a little bit discomforted” I said and he smiled.
Uh, does he really think I was heartbroken? Or was I?
Oh no, I really like him as a friend and I will surely feel this same way if a female friend suddenly stopped talking to me. Right?
He tucked the strands of my hair that covered part of my face -to my ear and my heart raced.
“It won’t happen again” He said softly and I smiled.
“Promise? ”
“Of course.. You are..,you are my best friend” He said.
“Uhm? Or guidian angel? ” I asked.
“Whichever one” He said then we laughed.
“Wait, are we going to stay here till night falls? See it’s getting late ” I said as I sprang on my feet.
“Yes, let’s stay here till night falls” He said.
“What, I have a mother at home ” I said.
” Me too” He said and I punched him playfully on his shoulder.
“You can stay here overnight if you want” I said.
“Here” He gave me his umbrella.
“What about you? ” I asked him but he shook his head and smiled instead.
He just sacrificed his umbrella to me and he is gonna go home drenched?
“My house is just nearby” I told him but he said.
“Be careful or do you want me to walk you home? ”
“Oh no, you should go home now before the sound of the toads” I said.
“OK, goodnight” He said, I nodded gently and waved at him then I walked into the rain raising his umbrella up.
“Hey Audrey” He suddenly called.
I turned back to see him. “See you in school tomorrow” He said.
“Uhm, yeah. Bye” I said to him.
Instead of leaving, he stood there and watched me leave first.

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