[STORIES] The Story of you and I Episode 8


Written By Naijalanded writer โœ๏ธโœ๏ธ
๐Ÿ’š๐ŸŒ€ Chapter Eight ๐ŸŒ€๐Ÿ’š

Audrey’s POV
I got home feeling so stressed, I ate dinner, gave mom the money I earned today and she gave part of it for my own use.
After eating dinner, I had a quick shower and went to my room to sleep immediately. As stressed out as I was, I could bring out a book and study it today.
The Next Morning โ˜€
@WHS ๐Ÿซ
I walked into the already familiar classroom..
“Good morning Kyle” I said to him even before getting to his seat.
I heard someone smirking, it was that handsome Jerk and those dumb girls were with him – whatever.
“Hey Audrey! ” Kyle said to me and I rushed to meet him in his seat- our seats.
“Audrey” Elena called my name.
Oh, she was with him.
“Hi Elena” I said to her.
She was on my seat but when I came closer, she stood up, smiled awkwardly at me then returned to her seat.
“How was your night? ” Kyle asked me.
“It was stressful ” I answered and he laughed.
“Yeah seriously, the restaurant I worked at yesterday left me with less energy which made my sleep so stressful” I said.
“Oh! speaking of the restaurant, do you like it? Did you make friends? ” He asked.
I smiled:”Well, I met nice people” I told him, suddenly I remember that man “But… ”
“But what? ”
“Hmm never mind. How was yours, your night? ” I asked now sitting comfortably and trying to change topic.
“Mine? As usual” He replied coldly.
“And guess what??” I wanted to tell him that the so called wealthiest student in the school came to buy food at the restaurant… Just when I was about to tell him, the jerk interrupted me.
“Will you two be silent?! Your voices are jingling like bells in my ears and it’s making my head – ache? ” Simon yelled, beating his table as he stood up angrily.
But we weren’t noisy and even if we were, he is the only complaining, this guy is something else.
“Shut your mouth up! ” Kyle yelled at him then stood up too.
Smiled smirked: “Shut yours first” He said, ready to fight.
“Oh baby, calm down” The three girls – the one with a red hair said.
They held him down trying to stop him from fighting Kyle.
“You see, you are nothing but a cat with three kittens” Kyle said.
Whao! That was an hard one.
So..Simom is a cat and these three rubbish girls are the kittens.
He smirked again as he kicked his table.
“There would be another day for this, keep buzzling around” Simon said lastly then he sat down back on his seat while the girls arranged his table for him and began to pet-romance his head and chest. While they did that, he just sat there like a furious king.
This guy is really quarrelsome.
“Kyle” I called him when he didn’t sit too rather than to continue staring at Simone with a look to kill… To kill?
“Kyle, it’s okay” I said then he finally stopped looking at him and he sat down too.
During the recess period, We went to the school cafeteria together; Kyle, Elena and I..And Kyle was still looking so furious.
Can’t he just forgive and forget? It’s not too difficult to do so.
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I didn’t have much money to buy an adequate snacks or food, so I ordered for only a sausage but Elena, being a very rich girls bought more sausages for Kyle and I and some drinks too.. She indeed is a rich girl. I didn’t want to receive the snacks at first but after so much persuasion and hasitations, I finally did.
“Elena, I told you to stop buying me snacks and any other thing” Kyle finally spoke.
“Come on, please… It’s part of my… ” She paused: “Ok, this would be the last time” She said and Kyle didn’t say anything.
I wanted to sit next to Kyle but Elena came in between us.
“Kyle you are still looking so upset and uptight” She said.
“Is it still because of what happened between you and Simon? ” I asked.
“Of course, Kyle and Simon are worst enemies” Elena said.
“What? ”
“Well, ever since Kyle came to our school, Simon hated him..Infact, they hate eachother very much. They are always quarrelling and fighting over little things…”
“Oh” I mouthed.
Elena wanted to continue but Kyle cut in sharply.
“Shut it Elena and let’s eat” He said and took an hungry and angry bite from his sausage.
Soon, his opponent, Simon walked into the cafeteria, passed by us and took a seat next to ours, there weren’t only the three girls with him but nine other girls were surrounding him. Oh My God! And this girl aren’t our classmates.
Obviously, the reason he had so many entourages is because his financial status – very wealthy and famous.
I watched him buy drinks and so many snacks for them all.. Wow! It’s so good to be too wealthy but unfortunately, this – much wealth is for someone as grumpy as he is? It’s such a waste.
“Audrey” Kyle called my name.
Oh my goodness, I was so engrossed with staring at him (Simon) , not because of the way he lavishes his money or girls but- his look and those charming features got me hooked.
“Audrey, do you wanna be part of them? ” Kyle asked me.
“Ugh? ” I don’t understand what he meant.
“Do you wanna be part of those girls he is spending money on? ” He asked again.
“Oh, no no” I stammered.
“Then why are you staring at him gawkily and like that? ” He asked somehow-jealously.
Jealous? Does he hate Simon that much that he doesn’t even want me to stare at him?
“Just because” I just said.
“Oh Kyle dear, you should try to settle your differences with Simon” Elena said but Kyle scoffed and said. : “It’s the last thing, I’ll ever do on earth”
With what he just said, I don’t need anyone else to tell me how much he hates Simon but why is it too much?
“Audrey, if you wanna be his friend, then you can go ahead and stop moving with me” Kyle said as he stood up and left the canteen.
Huh? Wh..what?
I tried to call him but he ignored me.
Is this a complete definition of Jealousy or hatred?
“Elena, what’s wrong? why is he suddenly like this? ”
“Uhm, I don’t know” She said..
I quickly stood up too and ran after him..maybe I’m the one bringing up troubles.

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