The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 1

The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 1

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The Vampire prince( two worlds).
Written by Princess Juliet
. Meet Alicia Kansas a 17 years old high school student moved to a new town with her family. She hates the idea of going to a new school and making new friends but all this change when she met Ryan Anderson a handsome cute. It was love at first sight

Meet Ryan Anderson a friendly and jovial high school student who soon discovered he was a vampire. He became cold hearted and tried pushing his friends away.
What will happen when Ryan finds out he is the true vampire prince?
Will the vampires accept a prince with part human blood?
What will happen to poor Alicia when she get entangled with Ryan?
Find out by reading
written by Princess Juliet

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The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 1
Alicia Kansas ❤️
. “ Alicia Alicia”. I heard my mum called, I was trying to arrange my stuff in my new room..
“ yes, my new room”. We just relocated to a new town and I hated the idea. I have to go to a new school and make new friends, everything sucks…
“ Alicia”. My mum called again
“ yes mom, I am coming”. I grunted. I headed downstairs and the whole family were gathered round the dinning..
“ Did you just hear me call?”. My mum asked
“ yes mum”. I lied rolling my eyes
“ don’t give me that attitude”. My mum warned
“ fine”. I said sitting down beside my little brother.
“ Are you done fixing your room”. My dad suddenly asked
“ you call that box a room”. I replied groaning. Dad you are rich for crying out loud, why can’t you get a decent apartment?. I asked facing my dad
“ sweetheart we got this apartment in a rush “. My dad replied and I am not fully a rich man I am just trying to make my family happy”. He said
“ whatever”. I muttered
“ young lady you have no choice, this is our new home”. My mum said
“ can we eat now”. My little sister pleaded, i am hungry…
Oh, yeah , this is my family. Let me do a little introduction..
I am Alicia Kansas, a 17 year old high school student. I am not too slim and not too fat, I am of a average weight. I am the first child of my parent….
My parent , Mr and Mrs Kansa. Dad is a branch manager of a Popular company and has just been transferred . He is the coolest dad ever while mum is a blogger, she does that to keep herself busy, she is a no nonsense mum..
My kid siblings Tyra and Tony are cuties, they are both 10 years old while Tony always supports me , Tyra is always against. She is mom favourite and I don’t really care..
We soon finished eating and said a prayer thanking God for the meal..
“ Alicia, you will be starting school tomorrow”. My mum suddenly said
“ really mum , can’t I wait till next week?”. I asked
“ No dear, You are in you senior year and I don’t want anything to affect your studies”. She explained
“ oh, yeah”. I said standing up and heading toward the stairs
“ where are you going to”.Tyra asked
I glared at her ignoring her questions and continued climbing the stairs
“ crazy. She cursed , So mum when are we going to start school?”. I heard her say….
I got into the room and looked around the box like room, it was so small.My old room was like a princess room but this one looks the opposite…
“ I fell on the bed wriggling my body.
“ why does it have to be me? Why does it have to be me….:..:

This Alicia seems a little bit rude
Wonderful family

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