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The Vampire Prince (Two Worlds) Episode 10

The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 1

The vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 10
Meeting Prince Theo
Ryan POV
I stood outside the school compound waiting for Alicia. I was very nervous and I really don’t know why.
I touched the chain on my neck, it must be very special, I could walk under the sun as far I as wore the chain. I spotted Alicia with her friend Brenda and walked towards them
“ Alicia”. I called
She turned to look at me and flashed me a smile
“ Ryan”. She called
“Can we walk home together?”. I asked
“ of course”. She said and turned to Brenda . we will see tomorrow
Brenda looked at us and then blurted out
“Are you guys dating?”
Her voice was a little bit loud and she attracted the attention of some students including Andra who walked up to us and said
“Ryan can’t date this low life of a girl”. She said eyeing Alicia
Alicia bent her head obviously embarrassed
I pulled Alicia towards me and faced Andra
“ we are dating and I am so into her, do you have anything to say?”
She looked at me obviously shocked and left in anger
“ can we go now?”. I said to Alicia
She nodded and waved to Brenda
“ why did you do that?”. She asked as we walked home
“ do what?”. I asked
“ why did you tell Andra we are dating?”. She asked and stopped walking
“ isn’t that what you want?”. I replied her
She looked at me with a puzzled look
“ what do you mean?”. She asked
“ you like me and I know that”.i blurted out
“ how dddid you know I like you?”. She stammered
I bit my lips. “ I heard you Alicia”. I told her
“ what!!!”.do you mean you read minds?”. She asked excitedly
I nodded.”
We continued walking silently and when we got to the corner road she waved
“ Alicia”. I called as she was about leaving
She turned to look at me
“ you are beautiful”. I told her
She widened her eyes and I saw her blushed . I moved closer to her and pecked her
“ Bye Alicia”. I waved and headed down the path………….
Alicia POV
I walked home smiling happily . Ryan pecked me, he pecked me even with him knowing I am in love with him
“ Ryan pecked me, Ryan pecked me. I kept on singing till I got home…..

The Vampire kingdom
Prince Theo
“ Dracula mark, what Dracula mark?”,I can’t loose the throne because of a mark. I really want that throne and will do anything to get it
I headed towards Elder shrine and met him consulting with Lucifer
“ Elder”. I called
He turned to look at me
“ Greeting my prince”. He said standing up , what brings you here?
I looked at him at scoffed
“ I want to know about the vampire in human world”. I said
He looked at me and smiled
“You will know him when we bring him tonight”. He said
“ what do you mean?”. I asked
“ The Vampire prince will be here tonight”. He replied
“ he is of mixed blood, why will he be the king?”. I asked in rage
“ he is with the mark , we can’t question Lucifer”. He said
I scoffed as I stormed out of the shrine, I met my younger brother Ron outside the shrine obviously waiting for me
“Theo”. He called
“ what are you doing here?”. I asked him
“ I came to tell you something important”. He said
“ what is it?”. I asked moving closer to him
“ The Vampire prince will be coming tonight”. He said
“ dummy, I said hitting his head”. I know that already
“ oh”. He said
I smiled at him at him and left. Incase you are wondering who I am
I am prince Troy the second son of the present vampire king. I have and an elder stepbrother ( prince Ryan) and a younger bro Ron . I am known as the most handsome vampire here in hell……
I headed to Prince Ryan chambers and met him drinking as usual
“ brother”. I called
He looked at me and suddenly became angry
“ what are you doing here?”. He asked
I laughed out loud
“A coward is asking a question”. I said mocking him
“Get our from here”. He barked
“Is that the way you sent out your bitch and your son?”.I asked laughing
He remained quiet for a while
“ Theo, what exactly do you want?”. He asked softly
“ I want the throne”. I said to him boldly
He smirked
“ too bad My son is the chosen one”
I looked at him and I hated his guts
“ we will see about that”. I said and I stormed out in anger
“ I am Theo and no one can over throw me…………….
Ryan POV
I watched my mum danced to her favourite music and smiled
I was happy today and I knew it was because of Alicia
“ why are you smiling?”. My mum asked
“ nothing”. I said
She looked at me and smiled mischievously
“ what is with that look Mother?”. I asked
“ it seems my son is in love”.she said and smiled
“ oh stop it mother”. I said laughing
“ come on baby”, talk to mama”. She smiled
“ ok fine, Her name is Alicia”. I started . She is a new student in my school and my heart race whenever I see her, I …………….
I stopped when I heard a knock on the door
“ I will go get it baby, when I come we will continue with Alicia”. She said laughing
“ ok mother”. I said rolling my eyes
I watched mother walk over to the door and opened it
“ what are you doing here?”. I heard her screamed
I became alarmed and walked over to the door
I stared at the two men in front of me, they looked different and immediately their gaze met mine , they bowed down
“ Greetings to the Vampire prince”. They greeted and the mark on my chest shone brightly
“ we were sent by elder to welcome you to our kingdom”. They said
“ And where is that?” I asked
“ Hell”. They both chorused…….
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