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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 13-14

The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 1

The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 13
Connection ( true love)
. Alicia POV continues
“What did you just do? you both shared a kiss in my class”. The teacher asked in anger
“ I am sorry ma’am”. I apologised with my head bent down
I looked at Ryan, he was seated staring at the teacher blankly
“ what is wrong with him?. I thought
“ Ryan”. The teacher called
He looked at the teacher and smirked
“ what!!”. The teacher exclaimed
“ We did nothing wrong”. Ryan said and the whole class because quiet
“ what are you doing Ryan?”. I muttered to him
He moved towards the teacher
“ we did nothing wrong right?”. He asked gazing intently at the teacher
“ yes you guys did nothing wrong”. The teacher said as if she was remoted
“ Good”, then continue with you teaching. He instructed and I gasped in surprise as the teacher walked to the front class and continued teaching as if nothing happened
“ what the hell just happened?”. I muttered to my self as I went back to my seat
I turned to look at Ryan, he was listening to the teacher as if nothing happened ….

When the teacher left the whole class became noisy
Brenda walked up to me smiling
“ don’t ask me about anything”. I told her
“ ask you what?”. She asked with a confused look
I looked at her
“ you mean you don’t remember what happened in the chemistry class?”. I asked
She squeezed at face
“ Alicia, quit playing games”.she said , “ can I get your notes?”. She asked
“Here”. I said giving it to her
“ Thanks”. She said and walked towards her seat
I turned to look at Ryan and met his gaze
I stood up and went towards him
“ what just happened Ryan?”. I asked
“ what?”. He asked
“ everyone seems to have forgotten about everything”. I replied
He smirked
“ is there a problem about that?”. He asked
“ you did all that?”.I asked in surprise
He nodded
“ how”. I asked
“ I am a vampire”. He said boldly
I looked at the guy I love in front of me, there was something different about him, he was bolder and more confident about himself, he seem so powerful…….
Ryan POV
“ Alicia”. I called, let us go home
“ alright”. She said packing her books
I looked around the class and my gaze met Andra and she immediately looked away.
I walked towards her
“ Hey Andra”. I greeted
She looked at me surprised
“ are you talking to me?”. She asked looking around
I nodded
“ wow, so the great Ryan remembers me today”. She said
“ yeah”. I replied and was about leaving when she called
“ Ryan”.
I turned to look at her
“ you act different and you seem different”.She said
“ how do you mean?”. I asked her
“ fire, the fire I saw in your eyes, it is not real right?”. She asked
I laughed out loud
“ is that what is bothering you?”. I asked
She nodded
“ Just don’t get in my way and you will be fine”. I assured her
“ can we go now?”. Alicia asked walking towards me
I looked at Andra who was obviously shaking and gave her a small smile before taking Alicia hands in mine as we walked out of the class……
“ What were you guys talking about?”. Alicia asked as we walked home
“ nothing”. I replied
“ really”. She said
I nodded
“Are you planning on dating her?”. She suddenly asked
I looked at her, she was obviously jealous
“ is there a crime in that?”. I asked her
She scoffed
“ fine”. She said and began walking faster
“ wait Alicia”. I ran and caught up with her
“ what?”. She stopped to look at me with tears rolling her eyes
“ what a cry baby”. I thought
I moved towards her wiping her tears
“ I am in love with two women, the first one is my mother and the second one is you”. I said to her
“ really”. She asked
I nodded
“ then why do you want to make Andra your girlfriend?”. She asked
“ who said anything about making her my girlfriend”. I said chucking
She remained quiet
“ Thanks” I said
“ for?”. She asked
“ The kiss back then in class, I don’t know how you did it but you calmed me down”. I explained
“ oh”. She said
“ Alicia”. I called moving closer to her
She looked at me directly into my eyes and smiled
“ what is it?”. She asked
“ I em er……… and immediately i felt her lips on mine
“ she just kissed me again”. I thought and I quickly kissed her back
We kissed for a long time and the mark on my chest shone brightly……

The Vampire kingdom
Elder POV
I sat down in my chambers playing with Mia when Mara walked in
“ Greetings to you Elder”. She greeted
“ Greetings beautiful one”. I replied
“ can we talk in private?”. She asked looking at Mia
“Mia, can you please go play with your friends”. I told her
“ yes father”. She said standing up grumpily and glared at Mara before leaving
“ what is it about?”. I asked her
“ I want to be the Vampire Princess”. She said boldly
I looked at her and shook my head
“ you are in a relationship with prince Theo”. I said to her
“ and it is over now”. She replied
“ why are you doing this?”. I asked her
“ because I want the cute Vampire prince to be mine”. She said
I looked at her, she is the most beautiful vampire maiden in the kingdom and that is why Theo fell for her
“It is for the Vampire prince to decide”. I told her
“ Then summon him over”. She said
“ I will , I will do that soon”. I assured her
“ then I must take my leave “. She said bowing down
I nodded
I watched her as she left and smiled, The Vampire prince needs some one who shares a connection with , someone who truly loves him and someone who he truly loves…….
How will prince Theo feels when he learns the one he loves is after The Vampire prince ?

The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 14
The Dracula
Alicia POV
I laid on my bed smiling as I remembered the kiss
“ but wait a minute, are we dating?”. I said aloud
“ Alicia”. My mum called
Yes mum”. I replied as I headed downstairs
“ what have you been doing up there since?”. She asked me
“ can’t I have my privacy?”. I replied
She looked at me and shook her head
“ I can see you are growing wings”. She said
“ why did you call me?”. I asked her
“Can you please help your siblings check their homework?”. She asked
“ fine”. I muttered and walked towards the twins
“ let me see”. I said stretching my hands and they both handed me their books
I went through Tony book first and nodded
“ you are doing great”. I said to him, continue
He beamed happily
I opened Tyra book
“ what is all this?” I asked her
“ please don’t shout”. She pleaded, I don’t want mum to hear
I looked at her and smirked
“ This is going to be my revenge”. I told her and shouted
“ mom, Tyra is so dumb”
My mom came towards us and I immediately gave her Tyra book, she glanced through it with a frown
“ Tyra, what is all this?you are really failing”. My mum complained
“ can I go to my room now?”. I asked her
“ you can go, I will take care of this”. She said
I stood up and looked at Tyra who gave me a” i will kill you look”. I smiled and climbed up the stair
I got the the room and laid on my bed, I brought out my phone to dial the only person on my mind, Ryan…..
Ryan POV
I was in the sitting room with my eyes glued to the television when my phone rang. I checked the caller , it was my Alicia
I picked it up immediately
“Alicia”. I called
“ how are you?”. She asked
“ I am fine”. I replied
“ I just wanted to check on you”. She said
“ okay babe, thanks”. I replied and ended the call.
I smiled as I thought about the kiss we shared
“ baby”. My mom called me
“ yes mum”. I didn’t even noticed when she came in
She looked at me smiling
“ I can see it was Alicia who called”. She said
“ yes”. I drawled, how did you know? I asked her
“ your smile, it tells it all”.she said
“ oh”. I said
“ have you kissed her?”. My mum asked
“ mummm”, please don’t ask”. I pleaded
She gave me a light punch, I can see you have
“ I need to go to my room”. I said trying to avoid my mum question
“Ryan got his first kiss, Ryan got his first kiss”. My mum kept on singing till I got into my room
“ what a funny mom”. I muttered
I pulled off my shirt and the mark on my chest blinked , I smiled as I admired it
I went closer to the mirror to look at it better but what I saw made me scream
“ muummmmmmmmmmm”. I screamed
I heard her running up, I stared at the Mirror blankly
“ what is it baby?”. My mum asked moving closer to me
“ this”. I said pointing to the Mirror and immediately she saw it she screamed ……..
Ryan mom PoV
I removed the mirror from where it was hanging and went over to Ryan and hugged him
“ baby, it will pass”. I assured him
“ mum, I need answers”he said
“ how”. I asked
“ I need to go back to hell”. She said
“ baby, you don’t need to”. I tried to discourage him from going
“ how will I find out the meaning of that monster in the mirror”. He asked
I remained quiet
“You mean that that monster is me?”. He asked again
I remained quiet
“ I have made up my mind”. He said standing up
I watched him closed his eyes and disappeared…
I sobbed silently
“ I just want my son to be alright, I closed my eyes as I remembered what I saw in the mirror.it was a kind of beast with a crown , The Name Dracula was inscribed on the crown……………..
Ryan POV
. I opened my eyes and found myself in the kingdom
I headed straight to the shrine ignoring the greetings of the vampires
I got to the shrine and met The Elder talking with some Elderly vampires, he was surprised to see me
“Greeting Vampire prince”. They all greeted
“ what the hell Is happening to me” . I yelled ignoring their greetings
“ what is it?”. The Elder asked
“ I saw a kind of animal with a Dracula crown when I looked into the mirror”. I explained
The whole room became quiet and everyone seems scared
“ what is wrong with me?”. I barked again
“ There is fire in your eyes”. A man said bowing down immediately
“You saw an animal with a crown when you looked into the mirror?”.The Elder asked to be sure
I nodded
He remained quiet for some minutes and went down on his knees
“ Greetings to the Vampire prince, Greetings to you lord Dracula
The whole elders went on their knees chanting Dracula Dracula Dracula Dracula….
I felt something in me, something like a full force power
I smirked
“I had full powers inside me……..
I guess this is the beginning

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