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The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 15

The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 1

The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 15
Ryan POV continues
“ What are you talking about?”. I asked The Elder as soon as we were alone
“we need a Vampire Princess”. He said shivering in fright
I scoffed
“ A vampire princess”. I muttered
“ yes”. He replied
“ what will I use her for ?”. I asked
He looked at me with a puzzled look
“ she will be your mate”. He said
“ mate,what is that?”. I asked
“ Bride”, she will be your bride”.
I looked at the man and laughed out loud
“ I don’t need a bride, I am too young”.i said
“ but that is the rule prince, a Vampire prince must be crowned together with a princess”. He explained
I remained quiet
“My prince”.he called
I looked at the old man and scoffed
“ I am the Vampire prince, I make the rules”.I said
He looked at me in surprise
“Do you have anything else to say?”. I asked him
He shook his head
“ Good”. I said
A young lady soon walked in holding a bottle of wine
“ Greeting my prince”. She greeted bowing down
I nodded
“ Greetings Elder”. She greeted
“ Greetings beautiful one”. The elder replied
I stared at her, she was really beautiful
“ My Prince, my father asked me to bring this wine to you”. She said
“ who are you?” I asked her
“ I am Mara , the only daughter of Elder Tam”. She said
She placed the drink on the table beside me and sat down
“ I guess I will take it home”. I said looking at the drink
“This is your home”. Elder Tam said
I smirked
“ I have a mother back home and she means everything to me”. I told him
“ you can bring her here” . Mara said
“ how is that possible”. I asked her, she is a human
She smiled and whispered
“ you will have to give her the bite
“ The bite”. I muttered
She nodded, you will have to make her a Vampire
I remained quiet
“ will mom ever agree to that”. I thought
“ I can take you around the kingdom”. She said
“ I need to get back to my mother”. I replied
“ please, just for a few minutes”. She pleaded
“ fine”. I said
She led me through a narrow road as I walked behind her
I gasped in awe as we got to a very beautiful garden, it was like paradise
“ This is where we hold out festivals”.she said
I looked around
“ wow, it is beautiful”. I exclaimed
“ just like you are”.she said
I looked at her and smiled
She moved closer to me
“ I love the fire in your eyes”. She continued
“ don’t look at it for a long time or else you will get burnt “.I warned her
She chuckled
“ I like you”. She said
I smiled
“ I like you too”. I replied
She smiles and brought her lips closer and I scoffed
“ are you this cheap”. I asked her
“ what?”. She asked in surprise
“ you are so cheap”. I repeated
She looked at me angrily
“ I am the most beautiful and the most respected maiden in this kingdom”. She boasted
I nodded
“ I agree you might be the most beautiful but disagree with the respected because you are a cheap slut”. I replied her
“ what?”She asked growling
I looked at her laughing
“ I will take my leave now”. I said
I was about Leaving when she said
“I want to be the vampire princess”
I looked at her and smiled, I already have one ……..
I headed back to the shrine and the people chanted my name as I walked past them
“ Dracula. Dracula
I nodded towards them
Elder POV
I could see the reason why he is the chosen one, he is so bold and daring..
I loved the boy and at the same time scared of him
I hope he will be able to Change some evil rules , i hope he will be able to get rid of all the evil
I bowed down as he walked in and he nodded
“ I need to take my leave now”. He said
“ can you really change the rules?”. I asked him
He looked intently at me and smiled
“ you are a good man”. He said, keep doing good
I became scared
“ can he really know the evil ones just by looking at them. He must be very very powerful.
I watched him as he disappeared and I smiled
Mara POV
“ Father, the Vampire prince rejected me”. I said angrily
“ you just have to keep on trying”. He said
“ he called me a cheap slut”. I shouted and kept quiet when Theo walked in
“Mara”. He called
“ why are you here”. I asked him
“ is that how you will greet me?”.he asked
I scoffed
“ I can see the reason who you have been avoiding me”. He said
I looked at him without saying a thing
“ I saw you trying to flirt my nephew”. he said
I laughed out loud
“ Not only will I flirt with him, I will make sure I marry him”. I said
He looked at me and scoffed
“ I made a mistake about you, you are a bitch like the other maiden I fucked”. He mocked me
I bit my lips trying to suppress the anger
“ and you are a prince that will always be under his Nephew shadow”. I said, Get out . I ordered
He scoffed at me and left
“ he called me a bitch father”. I said crying and my father came towards me to console me
“ when you become the Vampire Princess , you will punish him”. he said assuring me and I smiled
Prince Theo
“I lost my throne to him and I am about loosing my girl”. I thought as tears streaked down my face. I quickly wiped it off
It will be difficult harming The Dracula because how seems so powerful.
I will hurt him by harming those he loves, I will make him feel pain. I will start by harming his Mother……
“ What is prince Theo planning?
“Hmmmmh, this Mara sef

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