The Vampire Prince (Two Worlds) Episode 3-4

The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 1

The Vampire prince ( two worlds)

Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 3&4

Ryan Anderson

I walked home after school hours listening to music as usual. I caught girls drooling at me as they walk past me.
I smiled. I know i am handsome, I am sure that got my good looks from my father. I never knew who my father was and mum doesn’t like talking about it.
I got home and sighted my mum at the balcony, she smiled as soon as she saw me
“ welcome baby”. She greeted
I smiled and walked inside , climbed up the stairs and went straight to the balcony to go meet Mother
“Mother”. I called as I pecked her. She is a very fair woman with blue eyes and long black hair, she is a beautiful woman.
She smiled
“ Go to your room and freshen up and come out for proper lunch”. She instructed
“ okay ma”. I said
I got inside my room and fell on the bed
“ wow, what a long day at school”. I removed my clothes and walked into the bathroom to freshen up..
I soon got out and went over to my wardrobe to change , I put on a black trousers and a blue hood…
I am Ryan Anderson, I am a 18 year old high school student with a killer look. I live with my mom who hardly goes out and whenever she does she goes out with caution as if scared of something or someone . I don’t have a single idea of who my dad is, mum hardly talks about him
I brushed my black hair and about heading downstairs when a strong headache gripped me
I touched my head and winced in pain and the ache soon stopped
“ what just happened?”. I asked myself. I soon became a little bit weak and walked slowly downstairs
“ what is wrong baby?”. My mum asked as soon as she saw me.
“ just a little bit weak”. I replied her
“ okay dear”, come and sit down she said setting the tables
I looked at the food and suddenly lost my appetite
“ I don’t feel like eating this food”. I said eying the food on the table
She looked at me in surprise and came towards me touching my head
“ Are you alright baby”. She asked
“ yes”. I grunted
I went over the fridge and brought out a canned food, I headed to the sitting room and sat down with my eyes glued to the television.
I opened the canned food and was about eating when the headache came again
“ oouch!”. I screamed falling to the floor
I heard my mum running towards me
“Are you alright?”. She asked obviously worried
I wanted the reply but I could not find my voice
I suddenly groaned in pain
“ aaaaaaaaarh”.
And when I turned to look at my mum, she moved back in fear
“ Ryan”. She called softly
I looked at my hands and instead of finger, I had long claws, I touched my teeth, it seemed Longer ..
My breathing suddenly became heavier
“ blood”. I groaned , I need blood…..
What happened to Ryan? Did he turn into a monster

Episode 5


Ryan POV continues
“ what is wrong with me Mother? I asked
I was a monster for a minutes ,I was really confused
“ Mother can you please tell me what is wrong with me?”. I barked
She looked at me with tears in her eyes
“Ryan you are not a monster, you are a vampire”. She said as tears rolled down her eyes
“ Vampire?”, i asked chuckling, do they really exist?”: I asked
She remained quiet
“ Mother, talk to me please”. I pleaded. Are you also a vampire?”. I asked her
She shook her head
“ I am not Ryan, I am human”. She said
“ Then how did I suddenly become a vampire?”. I asked her
She looked up at me and said
“ your father is a vampire”
I stared at her obviously shocked
“ My father”. I repeated
She nodded and started crying
I met your father when I was in college, he was so handsome ,it was love as first sight
“You are a replica of him”. She said facing me and continued
He was at first cold towards me but he soon gave me his heart. We soon started dating without me knowing anything about him ..
I suddenly felt sick and when I went to the hospital, I found out I was pregnant for you but when I told him everything changed..
He stopped visiting and soon became cold to me again
I was devastated, I really love Ryan
“ Ryan”. I muttered
“ yes Ryan “, I named you after him
I nodded
“ continue”. I said
I looked for Ryan but could not find him since I never knew anything about him
You might call me stupid but I was crazily in love with your father
My parent asked me to abort you but i didn’t
I already loved you before you were born
He came to find me one day when I was about 8 months gone and he was scared about something..
“ He showed me who he really was and was obviously expecting me to be scared but for some reason I was not
“ I guess love conquers all things”. She said chuckling
“ He told me lot of things about you being a prince of a kingdom and he made me promise not to allow you be in danger till you are strong enough to fight for yourself.
He explained to me that you might turn out to be a full human but should incase you become like him, I should give you this chain
She removed the chain she was wearing and handed it over to me
“ it is a keepsake from your father”. She said and I stared at the chain
“ how will I control myself? What if I turn to a vampire at school?. I asked
She smiled at me
“ your father also gave me a book .The book will answer all your questions”. She said, I will get it for you”. She said standing up and soon headed upstairs
“ how can I handle all this?”. I asked myself sobbing
I sat down in my room reading the strange book
“ A vampire does not go out when it is sunny”.
“ A vampire has extra speed , hearing abilities and sight”.
I closed the book, can this be true?. Everything still looks like a dream to me
I was sure of one thing, My life will never remain the Same…
How will Ryan handle being a vampire,

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