The Vampire prince (two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet.
Episode 5&6
Mind reading
Alicia POV

I sat down on my seat inside the class, I looked at Ryan seat, it was empty.
I signed . Ryan have been absent in school for a week and I sincerely wished he was fine
“ hey”. Brenda greeted
I looked at her , I never knew when she walked towards me
“ what are you thinking of Alicia?”. She asked . You seem to be lost in thought.
“ Nothing”. I replied, how can I simply tell her I was thinking about Ryan , a guy who I barely know
“ Are you done with your maths assignment?”. She asked smiling mischievously
I gave her a playful glare, I knew she was interested in dubbing from me.
I was about replying her when Ryan walked into the class . He looked more handsome and I noticed he had a new hair style
“ Ryan, Brenda called out excitedly. Where in the world have you been? She asked
There was no response
“ did he just ignore me?”. She asked and moved closer to him
“ Ryan”. She called but Ryan just looked at her and continued with his music.
The whole class suddenly burst into laughter and Brenda walked to her seat obviously embarrassed
I looked at Ryan and I knew immediately something was wrong
“ can you imagine how Ryan ignored me?”. Brenda said as we headed to the cafe during recess, she was obviously angry
I remained quiet and just listened to her
We got to the cafe and met Ryan sitting alone with a drink on his table .
I watched Andra walked towards him and tried engaging him in a friendly talk but he ignored her completely
“ what is wrong with him?”. I thought
I felt his pain without knowing what the pain was…..::
*. Ryan POV
I never wanted to come back to school but mother encouraged me to. I blamed mother for bringing a beast like me to the world, that is who I am , a beast.
I read the book and got to know how my gift works.
They call it gift but I call it a curse..
I had huge thirst for blood and mum helped in quenching the thirst by giving me animal blood
“ it sounds awkward but that is what I drink when I hunger for blood
I was forced to come to school this morning by mother , she helped me with a new hairstyle saying if I looked cuter it will Helo in boosting my esteem
I got to school and all the girls were drooling ..
“ if they knew i was a monster, I bet they would all be scared”.I thought..
I ignored all of them and walked Into my class. Brenda screamed excitedly when she saw me but I ignored her, I was a beast and I was scared of hurting my friends
I sat down on my seat and immediately a headache hit me
“ what is this?”. I asked myself, am I about to turn to a monster again.
The headache soon stopped and I immediately felt relieved..
It was soon time for lunch and I headed to the cafe alone. I ignored all my friends who came to meet me and they stared at me weirdly
I got to the cafe and ordered for a soft drink . I sat down quietly with my earphones on listening to music when Andra walked up to me
“ Hey Ryan”. She greeted , I had to go to the hospital first before coming to school
I stared at her without saying anything
“ so why were you absent in school for a whole week?”. She asked
“ can’t this girl leave me alone”. I thought
“ Ryan , Ryan”. She called , i am talking to you and when she saw I wasn’t ready talking to her she signed I left.
the headache came again and this time , it really hit me very hard
I groaned in pain silently and I felt my eyes changed its colour and it was like all the whole voices were in my head
“ l love him “
“ can this bitch leave our table”
“ I wish I can go home”
“ I can’t wait to bang her this evening”
I looked around obviously scared, I could hear the inner thought of everyone here
The headache soon stopped and the voices also stopped
I looked around and everyone seems to be busy with their stuff except one person.
I turned to meet her gaze and she kept staring at me
“What is wrong with him?, I just wish he is alright”…..
“ did I just read her mind?”. I asked myself. It was obvious she was really worried about me……..

I am feeling sorry for Ryan
Episode 6
The mark of Dracula
Ryan POV continues

It was soon closing time and I grabbed my bag ready to go home. I walked out of the class and someone bumped into me. It was the new girl…
“ Sorry”. She said
I looked at her and continued walking without looking back

I came out of the school about heading home when I felt my skin burning
“ aargh”. I groaned silently in pain and quickly ran back to the class.
The class was empty when I got in..
“ what is all this”. I asked myself
“ when will all this pass”. I thought sobbing. My phone suddenly rang and it was a call from mother
“ baby”. She called as soon as I picked it
“ mother I can’t come home now”. I told her immediately
“ because of the sun right?”. She asked
She seem to be hiding lot of things from me
“ The necklace I gave you is made from a witch stone , it will help you with day walking”. She said
“ Day walking?”. I asked
“ yes”. That is what Vampires call it
“ I am not a vampire”. I yelled, “ I don’t want to be one”…
She remained quiet
“ Are you with the necklace?” She asked
“ I left it on my bed this morning”. I replied
“ Okay, you will have to wait till the sun comes down”. She said and ended the call
I sat down in the class lost in thought…..
It was soon evening and I grabbed my bag and walked home
“ am I the only vampire?”. I asked myself,
“ where do Vampires come from”. I was so curious, I need to ask mother …….
Alicia POV
I laid on my bed lost in thought
“ I saw his eyes turned red when I bumped into him”.I thought.
Alicia come back to your senses”. I said hitting my head. It can’t be real..
“ Alicia”. My mom called
“ yes mom”. I responded heading downstairs . My mum was in the kitchen with Tyra
“ are you done with you assignment”. She asked
“ yes”. I lied
“ Good, help me set the table dinner”. He instructed
“ really”. What was Tyra doing since?” I asked
“ She was helping me in the kitchen”. Mum said defending her
I glared at Tyra and went over to arrange the table
She is just a spoilt brat….
Ryan PoV

“You mean you don’t know about the other vampires”. I yelled
She look frightened
“ I don’t want you to be hurt baby”. She said
“ Mum, how will I get hurt?, I just want to know my father “. I said
She remained quiet and looked away
“Ryan”. She called, enough of all this . I need you to go to your room
“ really”. I said scoffing and headed to my room angrily
I got to my room and picked up the chain on the bed and put it on. The chain blinked immediately I wore it
“ what a chain”. I thought

The Vampire kingdom
Elder POV
I sat down in the room lost in thoughts , the king is already getting weak and we need a Vampire prince to take his place . Incase you are wondering who I am , I am called the Elder.
“ Why is it taking long for you to choose the Vampire prince”. My little daughter Mia asked
I smiled at her
“ you won’t understand dear”. I replied her
“ How father?”. She asked
“ we need a true Vampire prince and not an ordinary prince”. I tried explaining to her
“ True prince”. She muttered
“ yes, the one who is marked by Dracula to rule”. I said
She looked confused but nodded
“ I need the take my leave father”. She said and left
“ who among the princes is the true prince”. I thought
“ who among them have the mark of Dracula”. I said aloud
Ryan POV
I laid on my bed admiring the necklace, it was really beautiful and was made of pure gold. I felt a burning sensation on my skin but it soon stopped
“ What the hell Is happening to me?”. I asked my self
My door suddenly opened and my mum walked in
“ baby”. She called, how are you feeling now?
“ fine”. I grunted as she sat down beside me
“ it will be alright baby”. She assured me
“ how can I find my root?”. I asked her
She remained quiet
“ Mother”. I called
She looked up at me and said
“ you don’t need to look for them, they will look for you immediately they get to know of your existence”.
I looked at her in confusion
“I kept you hidden from them for the past 18 years”. She said with tears flowing down her eyes
“ Why?”. I asked
“ I did that because………….”. She stopped immediately and stared at my chest
“ what mother”. I asked
“Ryan, your chest”. She said pointing
I looked down at my chest and I gasped in shock. There was a mark them, I took a closer look at it, it was a mark with a symbol of Dracula on it……..
“ what the hell is this”. I yelled
What is happening to Ryan?
It is so confusing