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The vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 7&8
Ryan father
Alicia POV
We both walked quietly as we walked home . I glanced at Troy and I met his gaze, I blushed
“Were you born a vampire?”. I asked
I shook my head.”it started just few weeks back”. He replied
“ oh!”. I nodded
“ is that why you were cold to your friends?”. I asked him
He looked at me for a while and nodded
“ I never knew you were stalking me”. He said
“ oh, no”. I wasn’t
“ it is okay”. He said , I was only teasing you
We soon got to corner
“ I will be taking this lane”. He said
“ oh”. alright
“ see you in school”. he said and was about leaving when I called him
“ Ryan”
He turned back to look at me
“ can I see your vampire self”. I asked playing with my fingers
“ what?”. He asked , are you crazy? I might hurt you”. He said
“ it is alright”. I will just be on my way then”. I said and was about leaving when he caught my hands and pulled me to face him
He tilted his head side way and he turned ..
I stared at him and for some reason I was not scared
“You look good on it”. I said touching his face
He groaned and suddenly changed back
“ Are you okay with that?”. He asked
“ yes “. I nodded happily and headed the other path to my house
I turned back to look at him and he stood there still staring
Ryan POV
I got home and met mom outside waiting for me, she was obviously worried
“ Ryan”. She called as soon as she saw me
I studied her for a second, she was looking so dull it was obvious she didn’t get enough sleep
“ why are you looking dull”.I asked her
She moved closer to me ignoring my question
“Are you really sure you are okay”.She asked touching my face
“ I am fine”. I replied her and was about heading to my room when she called me
“ Ryan, hope you didn’t?”. She said not completing the question
“ No mum I didn’t hurt any one”. I replied lazily as I climbed the stairs to my room
I smiled when I remembered Alicia hands on me.
I was surprise when she asked to see my vampire form and for the first time in the past week she made me feel normal.
My door flung open and my mum walked in
“ where were you since last night?”. She asked with her hands on her waist
“Chill mother, I was with a friend”. I said
She looked at me with her eyes widened and sat on the bed
“Did anything happen”. She asked
“Anything like what”?”. I asked staring directly into her eyes
She swallowed hard
“ mother, I am your son and not a beast, even if I am a vampire I won’t hurt the ones closer to me”. I yelled
“ Ryan”. She called
“ What?”. I asked
“ Baby, I will do anything to make you happy”. You know how much I love you, I protected……………..
“ protected”. I yelled cutting her short. Fine, I agree you did all that but there is one thing I want from you”. I told her
“ what is that?”. She asked
“ I need the whole truth about me”. I said ………

Alicia POV
I got home and saw my family outside waiting for me
“Alicia”. Tyra called and ran towards me hugging me
I hugged her in surprise, I never knew she loved me this much
“ where have you been”. She said with teary eyes . I was so worried, I thought I will never see you again”. She completed sniffing
“ I am alright”. I held her as we walked towards my parent.
My mum embraced me immediately I got closer to her
“ princess please don’t ever make me worry”. She said
“Did she just call me princess”. I thought, I was only used to my dad calling me that…
“ what happen to your neck”. Tony asked
“ just a minor scratch”.I replied
“ you call this a minor scratch “.My dad said touching the treated wounds
I winced in pain
“ sorry baby”. my mum said as we headed inside
“ what happened to you ?”. My mum asked when had eaten something
“I felt thirsty in the night and felt like taking sprite , there was none in the fridge and I decided to go get it in the store when a dog attacked me”. I lied
They all looked at me weirdly
“ you mean you went out in the night just to get sprite”. Tyra asked
I nodded
“ you are so stupid”. She insulted
I smiled , the real Tyra I know is back
“ hmmmh, are you alright now?”. My mum asked
I nodded
“ go and rest”. My dad instructed
I laid on my bed thinking about Ryan, his looks and everything.
I knew I told my parent a very lame lie but I really don’t care if they see me as crazy
I brought out my phone
“ I wished I had Ryan number”. I thought, I will collect it when we see in school….
The Vampire ??‍♀️ kingdom
Elder POV
I got to Prince Ryan apartment and walked in.
I met the prince drinking wine
“ Prince Ryan”. I called
He looked at me and looked away
“ what are you doing here?”. He asked
“ I want to ask you a question about the true vampire prince”. I said
He chuckled
“ I don’t want to have anything to do with the royals again”. He yelled
I smiled
“ I am not talking about you”. I said , I am talking about your child”. I said
He looked at me and scoffed
“ I am unmarried and you know that”. He said shooting me a deadly glare
I smiled
“ I am talking about your child with a human”. I said
What!!! How did you know about him?”. He asked
“How the hell did you know”. He yelled
Getting tougher