The Vampire Prince (Two Worlds) Episode 9

The Vampire Prince (Two World’s) Episode 1

The Vampire prince ( two worlds)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 9
The chosen one
Alicia POV
I got to school and met Brenda along the hallway, we walked to class together. I glanced at Ryan’s seat and he was not yet in school.
“ I had a long night”. Brenda started, I had to stay awake solving those difficult maths questions”. She explained
“ difficult?, the questions were easy as ABC”. I boasted
She glared at me playfully
“ not everyone is like you”
“ Let me explain it to you”. I offered
“ Thank you”. She said beaming with smile”.
I was explaining the equations to Brenda when Ryan walked into the class
I looked up at him and he winked when he met my gaze
“ what the hell just happened?”. Brenda asked . Did he just wink at you?
I nodded shrugging my shoulders
She scoffed and walked towards Ryan
“I was worried about you yet you ignored me”. She said with her hands on her waist
“ I am sorry Brenda”. Ryan apologised , I was just passing through challenges”. He said
“ it is alright”. Brenda said smiling
The teacher soon walked into the class and everywhere became organised.
I glanced at Ryan during lectures as I met his gaze
“What”. I said pouting my lips and he immediately look away
“ Miss Kansas”. The teacher called
“ yes ma”. I replied
“ can you please pay attention”. She said and the whole class laughed
I tried so hard to concentrate , I could not help it and stole a glance again and I caught him staring …..
It was soon time for recess and was about heading to the cafe when Brenda called me
“ can you please wait for me, I want to round up with this equations”. She said
“Alright”. I said and walked over to her seat
“ you got this wrong”. I told her
“ Not again”. She said sighing
I smiled . “ you just need to multiply the answers by 2”. I said explaining to her
“ okay”. She said and continued
I watch Andra walked over to Ryan seat asking to go to the cafe together but he declined . I gulped hard as walked towards me
“ Alicia”. He called
“can we go to the cafe together”.He asked
“ I em er waiting for Brenda”. I replied
“ oh, okay”. He said giving me a small smile and left
“ what just happened?”. Brenda asked
“ we….. I was about to reply Brenda when Andra cut me short
“ what do you have with Ryan?”. She asked eying me
“ it has none of your business”. I replied her
“ what!!!”. She exclaimed
“ it is none of your business”. I repeated
“ Brenda, can we go now?”. I asked
“ sure, she said closing and books
We both went to the cafe leaving Andra looking shocked …
We walked into the cafe and my eyes roamed around looking for Ryan.I smiled when I saw him sitting at the extreme end all alone , he was busy with his phone
I signed . He was the friendly and jovial type when I first resumed, how I wish he can be happy again”. I thought
He looked up towards me and looked away
“What is that?”. Did he hear me “. I muttered , how impossible.
We ordered drinks and snacks and sat at the other end
“ are you and Ryan couple?”.Brenda suddenly asked
I looked at her with a puzzled look,
“ why did you ask?”. I asked her
“ Nothing much, I just observed he is more friendly with you”. She replied shrugging her shoulders
I smiled and glanced towards Ryan ,he was still busy with his phone
“ Do you like him?”. She asked
“ yes”. I replied grinning . I looked at him and his gaze met mine ..
Ryan POV
I came to school feeling a little bit happy all thanks to Alicia. I was surprised she wasn’t scared of me and that made me relieved
I just wanted to talk to only her and kind of ignored my remaining friends
I walked to the cafe alone and sat down at the extreme end .
I could read the mind of all the people in the cafe, it was more better as it didn’t come with a headache
“How I wish he can be happy again”. I read her mind . I looked up at her surprised and her gaze met mine , I quickly looked away
“ is reading of mind a curse or a gift”. I asked my self
She and her friend were soon eating and I heard her friend ask if she liked me
I stared at her when she said yes and she looked up at me
I kept on staring as I felt my heart beat faster….
The Vampire kingdom

Ryan father
I wanted my son to live a normal life and now he is the chosen one
“ how is he coping with being a vampire?”. I asked myself. I just hope all goes well for him .
When I found out Sophie was pregnant for me, I became a little bit scared. I loved her but was scared of how the vampires would react so I had to abandon her and my kid
“ why did Lucifer choose my son as the next vampire king”.
“ why?”. I repeated
He is with two bloods, he is from two worlds.
I looked up as The Elder walked in
“ why are you here again? I asked him
He smiled
“ Prince Ryan, What are you really scared about?”. He asked
I looked at him and scoffed
“ You should know better”. I replied him
“ he is with the mark and nobody can change that”. He said. We need your boy as king and we will get him this night…………
Tonight ?

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