Home Entertainment The viral Crate Challenge has left people injured.

The viral Crate Challenge has left people injured.


The milk crate challenge is a phenomenon where people stack milk crates as high as they can and try to climb them without falling down.

The craze has gone viral on social media platforms like TikTok, but it has become so dangerous that TikTok has taken action to try and put an end to it.

Here is what you need to know about this viral craze.

What is the milk crate challenge?

The milk crate challenge involves stacking milk crates into a pyramid shape so they form steps. People try to climb up one side and then down the other as the stacks grow higher and higher.

When a person missteps or the milk crates cannot stay together due to their precarious construction, the person falls down, usually on top of the fallen crates.

Concerns from doctors and safety experts now has led to social media platforms like TikTok removing videos of the challenge to prevent other users from getting seriously injured.

Dr. Vonda Wright, an orthopedic surgeon in Atlanta, said she and other surgeons are sharing the challenge videos to discourage people from partaking in the challenge.

“This is probably the one that I’ve seen that has the highest potential for bodily injury that will take people out not just of their daily lives, but could have lifelong implications,” she told NBC News.

“The [orthopedic] surgeries required to fix problems caused by this may fall under the umbrella of ‘elective surgeries,’ ” he tweeted. “Might not want to tempt the trauma gods if you live south of the Mason-Dixon.”

One Twitter user surmised that the people seen falling in such horrible fashiondo not have the insurance to be doing these milk crate challenges.” WSB-TV reported that an Atlanta-area medical worker Sunday saw at least two people with broken or fractured bones after falling off milk crates. In Akron, Ohio, there was a $500 prize for anyone who could make it across the milk crates without falling.

One observer in New York tweeted how young people in her neighborhood were at a bodega “trying to negotiate buying crates” so they could do the challenge on concrete. She later shared a photo of an ambulance with the caption, “Crate challenge over.”


Please my arm of showing you guys this video and how dangerous dey are, is for us to stop it, many are in hospital because of it, about 45+ and all the social media are warn to remove such challenge. What do you think guys?


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