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WAEC Physics Practical Questions and Answers 2022

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WAEC Physics Practical Answers

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WAEC Physics Practical apparatus
(a) You are provided with a uniform metre rule, a knife-edge, masses, and other necessary apparatus.
(i) Suspend the metre rule horizontally on the knife edge. Read and record the point of balance G of the metre rule. Keep the knife-edge at this point throughout the experiment.
(ii) Using the thread provided, suspend the object labeled W at the 15 cm of the metre rule.
(iii) Suspend a mass M = 20 g on the other side of G Adjust the position of the mass until the metre rule balances horizontally again.
(iv) Read and record the position Y of the mass M on the metre rule.
(v) Determine and record the distance L between the mass and G. Also determine and record the distance D between W and G.
(vi) Repeat the procedure for four other values of M = 40g, 60g, 80g, and 100g. In each case, ensure that W is kept constant at the 15 cm mark and the knife-edge at G.
(vii) Evaluate L­¹ in each case. Tabulate your readings.
(viii) Plot a graph of M on the vertical axis against L­¹ on the horizontal axis.
(ix) Determine the slope s, of the graph.
Evaluate s/D
(x) State two precautions taken to obtain accurate results.
(b) (i) State the principles of moments.
(ii) Define centre of gravity.
You are provided with a beaker, a thermometer, a stirrer, a measuring cylinder, a Bunsen burner, a wire gauze,  a pair of tongs, water, tripod stand and other necessary materials.
(i) using a measuring cylinder, measure 150cm3 of water into the beaker.
(ii) record the volume v of the water in the beaker
(iii) calculate the mass m of the water, given that m = pv and p =1gcm-3
(iv) measure and record the initial temperature  of the water in the beaker.
(viii) evaluate
(ix) empty the content of the beaker and repeat the procedure above for other values of v = 200cm3, 250cm3, 300cm3 and  350cm3
(i) tabulate your readings
(ii) plot a graph with m  on the vertical axis against  on the horizontal axis
(iii)determine the slope s of the graph
(iv) Evaluate   k=
(v) State two precautions taken to ensure accurate results
7(b) (i) define heat capacity
(ii) an electric kettle rated 1.3kw is used to heat 800g of water initially at a temperature of 20. Neglecting heat losses, calculate the time taken for the kettle to heat the water to its boiling point (take the boiling point of water = 100. Specific heat capacity of water = 4200Jkg-1k-1)

You are provided with a potentiometer  AB,  2Ω standard resistor R, A battery of emf 3.0 v, a jockey J and other necessary materials
(i) connect a circuit as shown in the diagram above
(ii) close the key K. Without J making contact with AB , read and record the ammeter reading I. Open the key
(iii)use the jockey to make contact with AB at the 20cm mark such that AJ = x =20cm. close the key, read and record the ammeter reading I
(IV) Evaluate x-1
(v) repeat the procedure for values of x = 35cm, 45cm, 60cm and 80cm respectively

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