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When I Met You Episode 11-12

When I Met You

When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 11&12
Nora in love
Damon POV
I got home feeling a little bit stressed, I met my father eating in the dinning and chose to ignore him.
He has been moody ever since I told him he was the cause of mother death
I Climbed up the stairs heading to my room
“What is wrong with me”. I asked myself as I laid on the bed, ”
My phone suddenly rang indicating an incoming call, I checked the caller and scoffed
” why won’t this Tonia of a girl leave me alone, I thought I made it clear to her father that I was not interested”
She kept on calling and I had to switch off my phone .
My mind drifted to Nora, why do I have a soft spot for her?
She looked beautiful today but the cloth she wore was too revealing
” if only she was with me alone I could have………. dang it! I am really going crazy
I stood up from the bed and went over to the table where I kept Bella picture, I picked it up and stared at it
” Bella, I think it is time I move on”. I said as I tore the picture and to my surprise, I felt relieved……
I freshened up and headed downstairs. My dad was in the sitting room watching television so I went over to join him
” Dad”. I called
He looked at me with a gloomy expression
” what is wrong Dad?”. I asked
” I am just thinking of your mother”. he replied
” can we please forget about that?”. I said
” son can you ever forgive me?”. he asked
” for what?”. I asked him
” for hurting you and your mother”. He replied
I looked at him and smiled
“I have long forgiven you”.i replied
He looked at me and signed in relief
” I never knew your mom love me, I thought she was not happy with the arranged marriage “. he said
I remained quiet as he continued
” she always had a smile on her face , I never knew she was hurting. I was a bad husband, I dated lot of girls without even caring about her feeling…….
” do you regret marrying her?”. I asked him
” no, the only thing I regret is not showing her enough love”. he replied
“It is alright dad”. I said and he gave me a little smile
I stood up and was about to heading to my room when he called
I turned to look at him
” There is going to be a company party”. He said
” why are you telling me ?”. I asked him
” you need to be present”. he replied
” why”. I asked
” I will be handing everything about Adams corporate to you, I want to introduce you to some major share holders”. he explained
” I am not ready now dad, I am too young”. I said trying to confuse him
” you are 21 Damon, it is time to take responsibility”. he said
I looked at him and sighed
” when is the party?”. I asked him
” Next week Saturday”. he replied
” I will think about it”. I said as I stood up
He nodded
” you also need a date”. he teased winking at me
” I don’t need one dad”. I huffed , Good night dad
Good night son………
Noami PoV
I went home wondering what Is between Damon and Nora . I wonder how my sister will react when I tell her….
She made me go to Adams college so I could spy on Damon . I really don’t know the reason why she asked me to do that
I met her in sitting room when I got home , her eyes was glued to the television…..
” hi”.I grunted as I joined her
” hi”. she replied
” what is it?”. She asked studying my face
” it is Damon”. I blurted out
“What happened to him?”. She asked in alarm
“It seems he has eyes for another girl”. I told her
” it cannot happen, Damon belongs to me”. She said
I looked at her and scoffed
” how will you get him when he does not know you exist?”. I asked her
” Then I will just let him notice me”. She replied smirking
” whatever “. I said as I walked upstairs
” I wondered why she was so serious about Damon……..

Nora PoV
The next morning
I woke up early on a Saturday morning, I did the house chores and washed some clothes
” Zara would be coming home today, I really can’t wait…
I went to the bathroom to freshen up after I was done with the house chores…
I picked up the small one I recently bought and played a game on it.The phone suddenly rang , I was surprised when I saw the caller. It was Noami
” I thought she was angry with me”
“Helo baby”. She said as soon as I picked it up
“Noami”. I called in surprise, I thought you were mad at me
“How can I be mad at you?she replied
” oh, I was really worried”. I said
” I am sorry for the way I behaved then, I was just not happy that you lied to me”. She queried
” it is alright, i won’t do that again “. I promised
” I am your friend and you should treat me like one”. She said
” I am sorry”. I apologised again
” it is alright girlfriend, I love you”. She said
” I love you too”. I replied as the call ended
” ThankGod I have gotten my friend back”. I said smiling
I ran to hug Zara as soon as she alighted from the taxi with mother
” I miss you Nora”. She said as she hugged me tight
” I miss you too sweetheart”. I replied
We all walked into the room and mum immediately went into the kitchen to start preparing lunch
“How is Adams college?”. Zara asked
” fine”. I replied grinning
” did you see the cold- hearted Damon Adams”. She asked
I looked at her and laughed
” he is not cold- hearted, he is very nice”. I said with dreamy eyes
” What is that look?”. She asked looking at me weirdly
” what look?”. I asked her
” wait a minute, don’t tell me you like him”. She said with an eye roll
” I don’t like him, I love him”. I said whispering
” what did you just say?”: she asked
” I said I am in love with Damon Adams……
“Oh my gawd Nora, you are crazy”.she smirked
Who is Noami sister again ooooo
Nora is in love….
Episode 12
Be my date
Damon POV
I woke up early on a Monday morning, I had to call at the company before going to school
I dragged myself lazily out of bed and headed to the bathroom to shower , I returned to the room and went over to the wardrobe for a change of clothing….
I headed down stairs and I met Miss Petra setting the table for breakfast
“ Petra”. I called
“Good morning Damon, you look good”. She complimented
“ Thanks”. I replied
I sat down of the dinning and watched her served me
“ why are you dressed in all black?” . She asked
“ nothing, I just feel like”. I replied
I stared at the food on the table and sighed
“ Petra, you know I don’t Like eggs” i queried
“ oh my bad! I forgot. She replied
“It is alright, I will just take the bread with jam”.I assured her
She nodded
I drove to the office and walked in ignoring the clumsy reporters and the female staffs who were drooling…
I climbed up the stairs heading to Parker’s office , I met him arranging some files
“ Good morning Damon”. He greeted as soon as I walked in
“Hand over the account book”. I commanded ignoring his greetings
he gave me the book and I went through it
“ really, must I always complain”.I asked him
“ Damon, I am trying to clear off the debt”. He replied
I looked at him and smirked
“ you are trying, what did you use such huge amount of money to do?”. I asked him
“ I will pay it back”. he pleaded
“ you just have from now to Saturday to pay it up, if not I will fire you”. I warned
“ I am your father friend, he won’t allow such”. He said
“ Let us see about that”. I smirked as I turned to leave
“ Good day Mr Parker……….
I left the office and was soon on my way to school
I really can’t wait to see Nora
“ fuck, why am I thinking of her again”, she has been in my mind all through the weekend
“ what is wrong with me”. I thought
I got out of my car as I got to school and saw Tonia running towards me
“Damn, she was the least person I was expecting to see”
“ Damon”. She called , I have been waiting for you
“ oh really, how can I help you?I asked her”
“ i called you but you did not respond”. She said
“ so?, I asked , I was beginning to loose patience
“ Damon, I love you, I really love you”. She said moving closer to me
I leaned towards her and whispered into her ears
“ I don’t love you Tonia and I will never will”
She looked at me with tears streaking down her eyes
“ what will I do about it?”: she asked
“ kill the feelings”. I told her ………
I listened to my friends as they talked about the ladies they banged during the weekend
“ Damon, try and have some fun “. Mikel said
I looked at him and gave him a small smile
“ do you know what Nora Majors in”. I asked
They both looked at me in surprise
“ why are you suddenly asking about her?”.Donald asked
“ I just want to know”. I replied shrugging my shoulders
“You must be crazy Damon”. Donald said
Nora POV
I got to school early this morning and was happy Noami was no longer angry with me.
We both laughed when Tonia walked into the class looking gloomy..
“ I guess she is passing through some challenges “. Noami said
“ why did you say so?”. I asked her
“ because she is always moody this days”. She replied
“ That is her headache”. I said eying the evil queen
We went to the cafe during lunch hours and ordered for snacks and drinks..
We went over to a table, sat down and started eating when Damon walked in with his friends .
“My heart started racing fast”
The whole room was full with whispers when Damon stood at the entrance looking around and smiled when his gaze met mine .
He walked over to his usual table with his friends and sat down
“ did Damon just wink at you?”: Noami asked
“I looked at her and smiled, i never knew she noticed
“ what is the relationship between you and Damon?”. She asked
“ not again Noami”.i replied her
“ oh, I am your best friend and we agreed not to lie to each other”. She queried
“ ok fine, I am not into any relationship with Damon”.i told her
“ Then why did he wink at you?”. She asked
“ I don’t…………….I stopped when I saw Damon walking towards my table
“Am I dreaming”. I thought
“Nora”. he called as he got closer to me
“ sir Daaamon”. I stammered
He smiled then leaned forward to whisper in my ears
“I will take your home so wait for me”
“ ok sir”. I replied then he signal to his friends and together they left the cafe
“ what the hell just happened “
I looked up and met the curious faces staring at me, some student still had their mouth wide opened
“What the hell is going on between two of you?”. She asked but this time in a harder voice
“ I really don’t know”. I replied
“ just be careful of Damon, it is obvious he just wants to fuck you because of your killer shape”. she said with a scoff
“ why is she getting all work up”. I thought as we ate our meal in silence …..
Damon POV
“ what the hell just happened?”. Donald asked
I looked at him without saying anything
“ you mean you went over to the cafe just to see her”. he continued, and you even walk towards……….arrrh, this is so unlike you
“ do you like her?”. Mikel suddenly asked
“ I think I do”. I replied
They looked at me with shock
“ wow , so the Mighty Damon can like a girl”. Donald teased
“ what did you whisper to her?”. Mikel asked
“ I just told her I wanted to ride her home”. I replied shrugging my shoulders
“ why is that?”. He asked
“ I want to ask her to be my date…………
Nora POV
I got to class and I felt all eyes were on me
“ what have I done wrong , even Noami is behaving weird”
I panicked a little when I saw Tonia coming towards me in anger
“ you bitch “. She said clenching her fist
“ what did I do wrong?”. I asked her
“Are you trying to seduce Damon?”. She asked
“ I will never do such a thing ”. I replied her
“ Then What did he say to you?”. She asked
“ it is none of your business”. I replied her and the whole class gasped in shocked
“ do you know who I am here?”. She asked, I am the queen of this class and no one messes with me
“ really. I said with a smirk
“ what did Damon say to you?”. She asked again
“ it is none of your business”. I repeated
She raised her hands trying to hit me but I caught it and squeezed it hard
“arrrrrrrgh”. She groaned
“ is it painful”. I asked teasing her
“ arrrrrrrgh, leave me alone”. She screamed
“ if you ever try to bully me again, I will do more than this”. I threatened as I flung hands
“ bitch”. She cursed and left
I looked at Noami and she gave me a blank stare
“What has come over her”. I thought
I waited for Damon at car park and he soon came up walking like a king
“ if only he can just love me the way I do”
He huffed when he saw me and walked towards me
“ have you been waiting for Long?”. he asked
I shook my head negatively
“ Good,get into the car”. he commanded
“Damon”. Tonia shouted running to meet him
“What does this witch wants again”. I heard him say
“ Damon “. She called again
he turned to look at her
“ My car has a little fault, can I ride with you?”. She asked
He looked and her and scoffed
“ please”. she pleaded with puppy eyes
“ Take a Taxi back home “. he replied coldly
“ what?”:. She asked in surprise
“I said you should get in”. he said to me totally ignoring Tonia
I got into the car and sat down beside him and he drove off leaving Tonia standing with her mouth wide open
“ why didn’t you assist her?”. I asked him as soon as we were on our way
“ I want you to be my date this Saturday”. he said ignoring my question
“ really”. I asked in excitement
“ will you”. he asked
“ yes, I will love too”. I replied sheepishly and I saw him smile also
He parked in front of my home and thankfully, no one was at home
“ Thank you Sir”. I greeted him
He looked at me without replying, he seems to be lost in thought
“ how did you get into Adams college?”: . he suddenly asked
I looked at him in surprise
“ I mean I don’t mean to pry but i am just curious”. he said
“ I er re we re mean a uncle helped me”. I stammered
“ cool”. he said nodding , Thanks for being my date”. he said flashing me a smile before he drove off
I felt tears streaking down my eyes as the memories of that afternoon flooded in……
“ what is wrong with Tonia?….
“ poor Nora

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