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When I Met You Episode 19

When I Met You

πŸ‘ŒπŸ’žπŸ‘‘ When I Met You πŸ‘‘πŸ’ž

Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️

🌿🌿 Episode 19 πŸ’šπŸŒΏ

Damon POV continues
“ Bella”. I gasped in shock
“ Damon”: she called moving closer
“ what is going on here”. I yelled
“ Damon”. She called again, it is me your Bella
“ Are you a ghost?”.i asked, your presence here is freaking me out
“ it is me Bella”. She replied
“ Bella”. I called touching her, it is really you
She nodded
“What happened?, how are you alive?”. I asked in confusion
“I needed to survive to be with my love”. She replied
“That doesn’t answer my question, how the hell are you alive?”. I barked
“ Are you not happy to see me?”. She asked with puppy eyes
“ I am just confused here”. I replied her
“ I will explain everything to you”. She promised
I just stared at her without replying. she was really Bella, she had the dimples, the same voice , everything……
“ Damon”. Mikel called running towards me
“ I have been l…………….”. He stopped and stared at Bella
“ what is happening here Damon?”. He asked, don’t tell me you now communicate with ghost
“ Mikel”. Bella called, it is really me
“ Damn she still has that innocent look”
“ I don’t really understand what is going on here”. He yelled
“ neither do I”. I replied
“ what is happening? Why did you storm out of the hall like that?”. he asked
“ it is none of your business”. I replied him
“ you mean you left Nora inside because of a ghost?”. He asked with sarcasm
“ I am not a ghost”. Bella shouted
“ Then where have you been since?”. Mikel asked, The last thing we heard was that you died in a car accident and that was two years ago
“ did you see my body?”. She asked
“ No”. I replied calmly
“ Then why are you insisting I am dead”. She said
“Where have you been all this while?”. I asked her staring into her eyes and I watched her blink uneasily
“ where?”.I repeated
“ I lost my memory”. She replied and started sobbing
“ really. I scoffed , and when did you recover it back?”. I asked
“Just last week”. She replied, and I did everything possible to come back to you
I looked at her and I sighed
“ it is alright Bella”. I replied hugging her
“ Damon. Please don’t leave me”. She said holding me tightly
“ it is alright”. I replied
“ promise me”. She said
“ can we talk about this later”. I asked disengaging from the hug and she nodded
“ Mikel”. I called
“ yes”. He replied looking at me
“ Please take her home “. I instructed
“ you do that Damon”. He said obviously still scared of her
“I need to take Nora back home”. I said
“ fine”. he sighed, where is your home?”. He asked Bella
“ I don’t have a home”. She replied, and who the hell is Nora?”. She asked
“What do you mean you don’t have a home?”. I asked her
“ I don’t have anywhere to stay”. She replied
“ where have you been staying?”. I asked her
“ in a hotel”. She replied
“ Then let him drive you back to the hotel”. I told her
“I don’t want to go there”. She whined, I want to go with you
“That is not possible”. I replied
“ Why? Damon why? Do I irritate you now?”: she asked with tears, I survived death and came to see you immediately and you rejecting me because you have found a new girl. Is this promise you made to me?”.She yelled
“ I made the promise two years ago?”. I replied her
“ should I just go and die?”. She asked and immediately I felt guilty
“ fine. I will come back for you after i drop Nora”.I replied
“ who is Nora?”. She asked
“ A friend”. I replied and I saw her sighed in relief
I walked into the hall with so many things running through my mind
“I have always prayed for a miracle like this but why does my heart feels heavy?”.
“ Son you did great”. My dad said as soon as he saw me
I gave him a small smile looking around the hall for Nora..
“ where is Nora?”: I asked Donald who was sitting at a corner flirting with a girl
“Guy, why did you leave the hall like that?. The party was all about you and you left at the middle of the celebration
“ I played my part well”. I replied him so please answer my question
“ I saw her with Petra”. he replied grinning
I was about going to question Petra when I saw Nora coming out from a room.
“ Damon”. She called walking towards me, her eyes were sore from crying
“ Let us go”. I said not meeting her gaze
“ where are we going?”. She asked
“ your home”. I replied her
“ Damon ,I ………
“ can we go now miss”.i said cutting her short, meet me in the car…..
The drive to her house was a quiet one
“What will do about Bella, do I still love her “. I thought, she was my first love and …….damn it, I am so confused
“Damon”. Nora called distracting me from my thoughts
“ what is it?”. I asked her
“ I am sorry”. She replied
“ what are you sorry about?”. I asked her
“ I am sorry for lying “. She replied
“ really?”. I asked , there is nothing to be sorry for
“ what do you mean?”. She asked softly
“ we are not into any relationship, we are just friends so anyhow you choose to live your life is none of my damn business”.i replied
“ Damon I am so sorry”. She said crying , your are hurting me Damon
I immediately felt my heart race
“ what is wrong with me”.i thought
I ignored her as she kept on pleading
“ Damon, stop the damn car”. She suddenly yelled
I looked at her in surprise
“ stop the car”. She repeated and I stopped parking by the road side
“ what is wrong with you ?”. I asked her
“I lied because I was scared you would leave me, I lied because I was ashamed of me, I lied because I loved you.”.she said
“ does that change anything?”. I asked
“I am ready to tell you the whole truth if you are ready to listen “. She replied
I just stared at her in surprise
“ we can go now?”. She said
I sighed as I started the car and continued driving
“ Bye”. She waved as she got down from the car
I nodded and drove off
“ why didn’t she tell me the truth in the first place? I love her and still do but what of Bella? I still love her also “
I parked in front of the hall and Bella ran towards me to hug me
“ you were late” she queried
Can we go home?”.she asked and I nodded
I waved at Donald and Mikel who were obviously still shocked and drove off heading for home
I walked into the sitting and sighed in relief when I met no one
“ I was not in the mood for questions”
I climbed up the stairs dragging Bella along
We got the room and Bella immediately fell on the bed
“ I love this bed”. She said in excitement
I walk into the bathroom to freshen up and when I returned to the room I was surprised to see Bella in only her bra and panties
“ what are you doing?”. I asked her
“Getting ready to shower”. She replied, what can I change into?”. She asked
I walked over to me wardrobe and gave her one of my pyjamas
“Thanks”.she said as she walked into the bathroom
“ what will happen now”, I muttered as I laid on the bed
She soon returned to the room putting on the over sized pyjamas smiling
“ I miss you Damon”.she said moving closer to me
I stared at the pointed boobs……..” damn, what am I thinking of?
“ Damon, I still love you so much “. She said as she placed her lips on mine , i held her tight as I kissed her hungrily
“ I was really sex starved,
I kissed her neck giving her hickeys and immediately removed her shirt
I grunted in pleasure
“ I love you Nora”. I muttered
“ who the hell Is Nora”.she yelled breaking the kiss
Double Trouble
.do you think Bella is saying the truth?


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