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When I Met You Episode 2-3


When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 2&3
Adams college
“ can this be real”. I asked myself as I ran home
“ a poor me in Adams college”
I soon got home . I met my mum fanning my sister to give her proper ventilation. We had no electricity in our tiny home
“ Mum”. I called as I went over to her
She looked up at me and sighed in relief
“ where have you been Nora?”. She asked
“ I have been over at a friend place “. I lied
I sat down and stared at my little sister face , she was suffering from a kidney disease and needed a surgery immediately
“ Mum”. I called
She looked at me
“ There is something I will like to tell you”. I told her
“ what is it?”. She asked
“ I took up a charity examination”. I lied
“ what is it about?”.she asked
“ it is a scholarship examination into Adams college “. I started , if I pass the examination I will get a place in Adams college and would be given a lot of money. I tried explaining to her
“ Is this really true”. She asked with her hands shaking
I nodded and immediately felt sorry for lying to her
“ why didn’t you tell me when you started the process?”.she asked
“ I never wanted to raise your hopes high”. I said , but now I feel I need your prayers”. I explained
She nodded and immediately my best friends Anthony ran into the house
“ Nora Nora”. He called
“ what is it Anthony?”.I asked
“ You have gotten the scholarship”. He said and I screamed
“ what?”. My mother asked as we showed her a forged scholarship list
“ Nora my baby, you did it”. She said hugging me
I gave Anthony a wink as he glared at me
“ I will go collect the price that comes with the scholarship”. I told my mother and she nodded dancing happily..
“ Thanks Anthony”. I said immediately we got to his house
“ I just did it because your sister needs it, I am not in support of you lying to your mother”. He complained
I remained quiet
“ how did you get the money, it is huge?”. He asked
“ a friend of mine gave me”. I lied
He gave me a weird look but did not say anything
“ Nora”. He called
I turned to look at him
“ be careful”. He advised
I nodded and I hugged him, my true friend
I soon got home and handed all the money to my mother, she was showering me with prayers
“ if only, she knew how I got the money”
She immediately took my sister to the hospital and planned on using the remaining to start up a business
I woke up early on Monday morning and immediately went to the bathroom to shower, I put on one of my best clothes and put on my only shoes. I combed my long hair and twisted it into a pony tail.
I confirmed my documents to make sure it is intact , I put it inside my bag and walked out of the house heading to Mr Parker office
My mum was with my sister in the hospital, the operation was successful and she was getting better…

I alighted from the taxi and stared at the large building in front of me
“Adams business world”. I read the inscription on the building
I was about to walk in when a beautiful sport car drove by and splashed water on me
“Shit”. I cursed trying to clean the dirt off me. The car suddenly parked in front of the building and a guy stepped out of the car.
He turned to look at me and immediately looked away .
“ Damon Adams”. I said gasping in surprise , I just saw Damon Adams
The reporters soon surrounded him asking questions but he walked In ignoring all the questions….
I walked into the big building and asked for Mr Parker and a lady on suit directed me into his office . I was asked to sit down and wait for him.
I sat down waiting and at the same time saying a silent prayers when the door opened and Damon Adams walked out of the office with Mr Parker tailing behind him pleading
“ Please Damon, I will make amends”. He pleaded
“ I give you two days to fix it or else”. Damon warned
“Thank you Damon”. Mr Parker said bowing as Damon left
I almost laughed seeing him begging Damon
“ Nora “he called me smiling as if nothing happened
“ come into my office”. He said and i stood up immediately following him
“ have you seat”. He said and I did
“ can I see your documents”. He said stretching his hands
I handed it over to him and watched him nod his head , he was obviously impressed with my past results
“ very impressive”. He said
He wrote down something on a form
“ here, take this and show it to the Director of the school, he will be expecting you”.he said
“ Thank you sir”. I said and he nodded
“ you can take your leave, I will call you later”. He said
I walked out of the large building with a a heart of joy
I am Nora stark a poor fatherless girl, I am Nora stark and I promise to bring my family out of poverty
I pray all will be well with Nora
. Making a new friend
I headed to the hospital immediately after leaving Mr Parker office
” hello ma, i am here for my sister”. I said to a nurse who I saw seated in front of a computer
” what is her name?”. She asked without looking at me
” Zara Stark”. I replied
She searched for the name onthe system
“The kidney transplant patient”. She said
I nodded
“She is in children ward 7″. She said and I nodded
I walked over to the children ward and read the numbers written boldly on the door
” Ward 7″. I muttered as I opened the door quietly.
I walked in and was surprised to see 7 sick children in a small room
” Mother”. I called as I saw her,she was sitting on a low stool watching over Zara who was sleeping
She turned to look at me
“Nora”.She called
I smiled and walked towards her
” how is Zara doing?”. I asked her sitting on the bed
” she is recovering faster than I expected”. She replied smiling
“Good”. I said
” Did you get the scholarship?”. She asked
” yes mum”. I said in excitement
She stood up and hugged me
” I am so proud of you and I bet your father would be proud also if he were to be alive”. She said and I immediately felt guilty
” mother you can go home, I will stay here with Zara”. I told her
” fine , she said standing up, I will hurry home and take a quick shower so you can go back home on time and prepare for school tomorrow”. She said
” okay mom”. I said
I looked around the room and stared at the sick little kids. Some were sleeping while others were playing with their guardians
” how will someone breathe in this small room”. I thought, I am sure there are other bigger rooms than this
” Nora”. I heard Zara call
I turned to look at her, she was awake
” when did you wake ?”. I asked her
” just now”.she replied
” how are you feeling?”. I asked her
” I am better”.she replied weakly
” mum told me you paid my bill”. She said
I nodded. ” it is the money from a scholarship exam
” is that so”. She said
I nodded
” did you get the scholarship?”. She asked me
I nodded and looked at her . I met her gaze and immediately looked away
” Best of luck at Adams college”. She said
” Thanks “. I said smiling
My phone suddenly rang and I sighed when I checked the caller, it was Mr Parker
” hello Parker”. I said immediately I picked it
” hello baby”. He replied , where are you?. he asked
” I am at the hospital with my sister “. I replied
” oh, how is she feeling?”.He asked
” she is getting better” I replied
” okay good,can we see tomorrow?”. He asked , I am missing you
” okay sir”. I said and ended the call
” is this how this man will keep on using me”. I thought, I am glad he is impotent at least my virginity would be intact
” who is Parker?”. Zara asked interrupting my thoughts
” he is just a friend”. I replied
” I know all you friends Nora”. She said
” you don’t know this one , I met him last week”. I said defending myself
” is he your boyfriend?”. She asked
” hell no”. I replied
She smiled
” when you get to Adams college, avoid Damon Adams I heard he is cold hearted and rude”. She said advising me
The door opened and my mum walked in holding a bag
” you can go home Nora”. She said
” I leaned towards Zara and pecked her before standing up
“I already made dinner”. She said
” okay mom “. I said
” don’t forget to lock the door”.she instructed
” I won’t”. I said leaning over to kiss her
” Good night mom Good night Zara”. I waved and left
It was already late when I got home, I went over to the kitchen and opened the pot
Rice”. I muttered, I dished little into a plate and sat down quietly on the floor to eat it
When I was done eating, I went over to the bed that I and Zara share and laid down
” I thought of Parker , i wondered when he will stop disturbing me”.
I am a step towards my dream and I will make sure I remove my family from poverty
I kept on thinking about lot of things and soon drifted off to sleep
I woke up early the next day .
“Today will be my first day at Adams college”.
I quickly rushed into the bathroom
” Damn”. There was no water. I quickly went over to the neighbour house to get two buckets of water
I dropped one bucket in the kitchen and used the the second one to bath
I searched my wardrobe looking for something nice to wear and soon settled for a black gown
I put it on with my red sandals, I plaited my hair into a loosed bun and applied little makeup.
I went over to the kitchen to check the remaining rice, it was already stale
” I will get something at the cafe”.
I flagged down a taxi and I immediately got in when it stopped
” Where are you going?”.he asked
” Adams college “. I said with pride, he looked at me through the rear mirror and gave me a small smile
I guess he observed i was a scholarship student through my simple dressing
He soon stopped in front of a gigantic building with a very tall gate
” we are here”. He said when he noticed I was lost staring
I got down from the taxi and paid him
I walked towards the gate and was intimidated by the scary looking securities
” I am a scholarship student”. I said to one of the securities handing him the form that Mr Parker signed on
” you can go in”. He said flashing me a smile
I walked in and immediately felt like a beggar When I saw students coming in with expensive cars and putting on expensive clothes
I stood there lost in staring so I did not hear a car horn and almost got hit by the car. The car stopped and a beautiful lady came out from it
” if you want to die there are different ways to die”.she said
“I am sorry”. I apologised to her
She eyed me from head to toe
” I wonder what a beggar like you is doing in this school, are you a beggar?”. She asked mocking me
” don’t ever cross my path again”. She warned as she got into her car and zoomed off
” do I look like a beggar?”. I muttered assessing myself
I walked around the school asking for the direction to the director office but no one gave me attention
” why are you seated here?”. I heard a voice asked
I turned back and saw a blond haired beauty smiling at me
” are you talking to me?”. I asked her obviously surprised that someone would actually talk to me
She nodded . ” I am Noami”. She said stretching her hands
” I am Nora “. I replied shaking her hands
” so why are you seated here? Or don’t you like going to class like me?”. She asked
” I am new here and I need direction to the director office”. I explained
” are you kidding me?”. She asked
” no”. I said shaking my head negatively
” you are seated in front of the office”. She said
” really”. I said looking at the beautiful building in front of me
” you can go on in , I will wait here for you”. She said
I walked to the front of the office and knocked
” come in”. I heard a grumpy voice said
I opened the door and walked carefully into the room
” Good morning Sir”. I greeted
” morning”. He answered sharply
I walked towards him and handed him the form
He studied it and smiled
” can I see your documents”. He said
I handed it over to him
” impressive”. He said after looking at it
” are you related to Mr Parker?”. He asked
” No”. I said
” I wonder why he agreed to pay your fees throughout your 3 years course here”. He said
” I don’t understand sir, I thought it was a scholarship “. I said
” we don’t give scholarship here”. He said
” fill this”. He said handing me a form, I filled up the form and gave it back to him
He studied it for a while and nodded
” welcome to Adams college”. He said handing me a map, this will help with directions
I thanked him and left the office
“What does he mean by I am not here on scholarship does it Mr Parker is paying for everything?
” does it mean I am indebted to him”. I thought
“Nora”. Noami called immediately I got outside
” how did it go?”. She asked running over to me
” fine”. I said forcing a smile
” what do you major in?”. She asked
” Psychology” I replied
” wow, we both have the same major “she said in excitement
” really”. I said smiling
She nodded
” why don’t you like going to class?”. I asked
” it is usually boring, I was forced to come here by my dad”. She said
” why would anyone be forced to come to this school”. I asked
“I am not good at studying”.she said bending her heads in shame
” it is alright”. I said to her, I will assist by explaining anything you don’t understand”. I said to make me happy
” really”.she asked
I nodded
” cool”. She said holding my hands as we walked to class
Nora already has a new friend?
Is Mr Parker help genuine?


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