When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 6
the bully
Damon PoV continues
I got to my room and went to the bathroom to freshen up, I returned to the room when I was done and laid on the bed…
My phone suddenly rang , I checked the caller and scoffed
“ why won’t this girl stop calling me”
I bang the call but she kept on calling so I picked it up
“ Tonia”. I called
“You left without seeing me today at school”. She whined
“ I had things to do”.I told her
“ can we see tomorrow?”. She asked
“ hopefully”. I said and ended the call
“ can’t she just let me be?
I headed down the stairs and met my dad eating dinner
I went over to the dinning and joined him
“ son”. he called
“ hi”. I grunted
A maid immediately came forward and served my food
“ how was school today?”. My dad asked trying to make a conversation
“ boring “. I drawled
“ you should try and have a little bit of fun”. He advised , your life is too boring
“ I am okay this way”. He said
“ are you still thinking about her?”. He suddenly asked
I remained quiet
“ you should try and forget about her”. he said
“ can we not talk about it”. I said
“ Damon you need to move on and quit this nonsense of loving a dead person”.He advised
“ what do you know about love ?”. I yelled , don’t ever talk to me about love again”. I warned and stood up
“ where are you going to?”. He asked
“ to my room”. I replied
“ but you have not touched your food”. He said
“ I lost my appetite”
I walked into my room and pick a picture from the stool beside my bed staring at beautiful lady in the picture
“Why did you have to go Bella?”I muttered crying
She was my first love , she died in an accident and I guess my heart also died with her
I heard a knock on the door
“ come in”. I said and forced a small smile when Miss Petra walked in .
“ Damon”.she called, she was the only maid who had the right to call me by my name . …
She consoled and held me when my mum died ten years ago and since then I treated her with respect
“ hi”. I huffed
“ I heard you arguing with your father”. She said
“I did not argue with him, he argued with me”. I corrected
“ what is the difference?”.she asked smiling
I remained quiet
Damon, you really have to move on”. She advised
“ Can I? I asked
She nodded
“Fine”.i said, can you please leave now?
She nodded and soon left
I kept on staring at Bella picture till I fell asleep
I woke up the next morning and glanced at the time
“ fuck”.i cursed , I never knew I slept this long
I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and to bath, I returned to the room after I was done with a towel around my waist .
I went over to the wardrobe and pulled out new clothes, I never repeat cloth twice
I headed down the stairs and saw my dad laughing with a woman
“Morning Dad”. I grunted without sparing the woman a glance
“Son”. he called, how was your night?. he asked
“ I am off to school”. I told him ignoring his question
“ I want you to call at the company this morning and make a confirmation of the account”. he instructed
“ why must I always be the one doing that?”.I asked
“ because it belongs to you now”.he said
“ oh really , then let me handle it my way”.I said
“ I don’t fully trust Parker so you must monitor him”. he insisted
“ oh right”.i said with an eye roll
I headed straight to the office and as usual there were reporters around , they rushed to me immediately I stepped out of the car
“ Damon Adams is there any latest gist going on in the company”. a fat ugly reporter asked
I glared at her as the remaining kept on asking numerous questions
“ why can’t this gossips just leave”
I walked into the company and was greeted respectfully by the staff and was not surprised when I caught some female staff drooling
“ I scoffed and climbed up the stairs leading to Mr Parker office
I pushed the door to his office opened and met him flirting with a lady
“Damon”. he stood up immediately he saw me, I never knew you were coming
I stared at him and the lady and scoffed
“ can you please wait for me outside”. He told the lady and I watched the lady as he walked out sheepishly
“ I am sorry about that Damon”. He apologised
“ it is none of my business “.I replied, you are truly a friend to my father
“ what do you mean by that?”. he asked
“ hand over the account book”. I commanded ignoring his questions
He reluctantly gave it to me
I scoffed as I went through it
“ I can explain Damon”. He tried to explain
“I warned you to fix the account the last time I came but you are still getting deeper in debt”. I yelled
“ I am sorry”. he pleaded
“ you are still here because you are a friend to my father but the next time I come here and see the account like this you will be out of here”. I warned him
I turned to leave and soon stopped
“ another thing, don’t bring your bitches to the office”
I walked out of the office and glanced at the ugly looking girl sitting outside the office ….
I got into my car and drove down to school, I was surprised to see a girl who alighted from a taxi walked into the gates of Adams college
“ I thought all student who goes here comes to school with their car”
I stared at her as I drove into the school compound trying to get a glimpse of her face but could not because she went through another direction
I stared at her from behind and I must admit she got killer shape
“ Damn, what am i thinking of”
Nora PoV
I walked into the class and I went over to a chair and sat down
Noami was not yet in school so I decided to bring out my book and study
“ hey”.Are you new here?”. Someone asked and when I looked up I met Tonia gaze
She tilted her head and stared at me
“ have we met before?”. She asked
“ Yes, I was the one you……….
“ oh , the beggar”.she said cutting me short
“ I am not a beggar”. I defended
“ how did you get here?”. She asked , did you fuck your way in
The whole class turned to look at me and I felt embarrassed
“ She is a beggar and a whore”. Tonia announced to the whole class
“ I am not a whore”. I yelled crying
“ really, she asked moving closer to me. Avoid me the best way you can”. She warned
I bent my head on the table still sobbing when someone tapped me
“ Noami”. I called when I looked up
“ why are you crying?”. She asked
“ it is nothing”. I replied
“ did someone hurt you?”. She asked
I gave her a weak smile
“It is okay Nora”. She assured me
“ Go ahead to the cafe I will join you there”. Noami said
“ where are you going?”. I asked her
“ To the bathroom, I need to change “. She replied
I nodded and headed to the cafe
I walked into the cafe and sat down on the seat closest to the entrance
I brought out my phone and decided to play a game when I saw Tonia walking towards me
“ what does she want again”. I muttered to myself
“ why are you seated on my seat?”. She asked
I was speechless. I never knew she had a personal table in the cafe
“ I am sorry”. I apologised and stood up
“ really, i thought I warned you never to cross path with me”. She asked scoffing
“ what have i done”. I asked her
“ how dare you talk back at me”. She asked and before i knew it she pushed me hard
I rolled back expecting to see myself on the floor but was surprised when i felt a strong hand around me
I looked up and met the gaze of Damon …
This Tonia is really a case……
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