When I Met You Episode 7-8

When I Met You

When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 7&8
Rejected Proposal
Rejected proposal
Damon”. I called When I met his gaze, i er em mean sir Damon”. I stammered , Thank you
He stared at me for a while and walk past me without saying anything
The whole student kept on whispering
I watched him and his friends moved over to a table
“ why did you do that?”. I asked Tonia
“I will do more than that if you cross my path again”. She warned
“ Nora”. Noami called walking toward me
She looked at the table and huffed
“ why haven’t you ordered anything?”. She asked
“ I was waiting for you”. I replied playing with my hands
“ what is wrong?”. She asked looking around, why are those girls staring at you?
“ Tonia humiliated me again”. I said
“ what is wrong with that bitch ?”. Noami asked fuming ,don’t let that bother you
I nodded
let’s me go order something I am famished
“Okay”.i replied
“ what will you like to eat?”. She asked
“ snacks is fine”. I replied
I looked at Damon and studied him
“ why is he so cold?
I kept on staring at him and gasped in shock when he met my gaze
he stared at me for a while and looked away
Damon POV
I sat down in an empty class with my two friends Mikel and Donald after lunch
“ Damon aren’t you going to class?”. Mikel asked
“ No”.I replied and they both laughed
“ I thought you are the studious one”. Donald teased
“ I am but the old man class is too boring”. I replied
“ all classes are boring to me”.Mikel said and I smirked
“ Did you noticed that girl got a big ass” Donald said out of a sudden
“ what girl”. Mikel asked
“ The girl in the cafe today”. He replied grinning
“ you noticed it Damon right?”. Donald asked me
“No I didn’t”. I lied , you guys are really crazy
“Is she new here?”.Mikel asked facing me
“ how will I know”. I replied
“ because your family own it”. He said grinning
“ family”. I muttered, do I really have one
My mind drifted to the girl, she is the same girl I saw alighting from a taxi, Is she new here?. Why do her face look familiar? I guess I have seen her before, but where?”. I tilted my head trying to remember but i couldn’t..
“ guess she is no one important”.
Nora PoV
I was quiet all through in class probably because of the way Tonia embarrassed me
The Lecturer soon walked out of the class and I sighed in relief, I can finally go home.
I walked beside Noami as we walked outside the building
“ bye Noami”. I waved at her as I headed to the bus station to board a car
I flagged down a car and was about to get in when the driver said
“ ma’am, your money first “
I looked at him and scoffed
“ what do you mean?”. I asked him
“ i was duped twice by beautiful ladies like you today”. he replied
“ I have my money”.I said and opened my bag to bring out my purse but could not find it but instead I saw a big tear
“What!!!. I exclaimed, how did my bag get torn
The driver gave me a glare and zoomed off
“My phone and my bag were in the purse, how will I get home?”. I muttered
I went back into the class and searched everywhere but couldn’t find it
“ how the hell did my bag got torn? I will have to walk home , I had not option
I walked home sweating and feeling tired when a car stopped in front of me
I moved closer to see who it was and gasped in surprise when i saw Damon
“Get in”. he commanded
I got into the car still feeling surprised and he drove off
I stole glances at him
“ I could not believe the mighty Damon stopped to pick me, I thought he was so cold-hearted “
“Where”. he asked
I looked at him in confusion and suddenly understood when he was saying
“ Down crescent block”. I replied
He looked at me in surprise
“ were you planning on walking?”. he asked
I nodded
“why?”. He asked
“I j……….:
“ don’t bother”. he said cutting my short,it is none of my business
He soon got to crescent block and I told him to parked
“ is this where you stay?”. he asked looking at the surroundings
“ No em er yes”. I replied
“ really, you don’t know where you stay”. He scoffed
“ what is your name ?”. he suddenly asked
“ Nora”. I replied
“ Nora”.he muttered and nodded
I watched him as he drove off
“ did that just happened “………..

Damon POV
I drove my car heading for home when i saw the same lady walking home
“ is she doing an exercise or what”
I drove past her but stopped when I saw the way she was walking, she was obviously tired……
I decided to help her out
“ Get in”. I commanded and saw the surprised look on her face as she got in
I was surprised when she told me she was going to crescent street
“ Was she planning on walking to crescent”. I thought within
I stared at the environment she was staying and when I asked her about it , she felt reluctant to answer
“ what is your name?”. I asked her
“ Nora”She replied
I nodded as I drove off heading home
I met my dad with a man in the sitting room when I walked in
“ son “. My dad called as soon as he saw me
“ Dad”. I grunted
“ you came at the right time”. He said grinning
I looked at him and the man and scoffed
“ what is it?”. I asked
“ I have sighed a Deal with my friend,he will invest in the company greatly if you can accept his proposal”. My dad explained
“ what kind of proposal?”. I asked
“ Marriage proposal between you and my daughter”.he replied grinning
“ who is your daughter?”, I asked scoffing
“ Tonia Tom”. He replied
“ really”. I asked scoffing, I am never going to be interested……..
Hmm ?
Episode 8
Damon POV continues
“ why”. my dad asked
“ because I will never love her”. I yelled
“ with time love will come son”. Tonia father said
“ really”. I scoffed
“ yes”. He said
“Do you want your daughter to remain lonely for the rest of her life?”. I asked him
“ what!!!”. he exclaimed
“I have nothing to offer your daughter, I have no love, no feelings and I can never ever love Tonia”.I declared
“Damon”.my father called
“ what dad, I am just telling him the truth”. I huffed
I looked at Tonia father and asked him
“ do you still want me to marry your daughter”
“ if you don’t want it there is nothing I can do”. he replied
“ Good, I don’t want it”. I said and I climbed up to the stairs
I pushed the door to my room opened and was surprised to see Miss Petra
“ Petra”. I called , what are you doing here?”. I asked
“ I heard everything you said down there Damon, you should be grateful to your dad”. She said
“ grateful, really. You must be kidding me
“ when will you get out from your shell?”. She asked
“ I am not in any shell”.I grunted
“really, you………….she kept quiet when my dad stormed into my room
“Can you please excuse me I want to talk to my son?” . He said
Miss Petra bowed and left the room
“ Damon, what the hell happened down there?”. he asked
“ nothing dad”. I replied Cooly
“ Tonia is a nice girl, she will make a good wife”. He said
“ really”. I scoffed
He nodded
“ then you can marry her”. I replied
“ Damon, you should learn how to talk to me”. he warned
“Then you should please step out of the room if you are looking for respect because you can never get one from me”. I told him
“ I just want the best for you”.he said calmly
“ then leave me to make my decision myself “ . I told him
He looked at me and sighed
“ Damon”. he called, why do you hate me?”: he asked
“ I don’t hate you father, I just don’t want to be like you”. I replied him
“ I just don’t want any lady to end up like mum”. I continued, she died because she was lonely dad
He looked at me and tried to say something but I cut him short
“ she yearned for you, she always wanted to be by your side but instead you pushed her away. I was with her when she became sick and all she wanted was for you to hold her but you never cared for once”. I yelled
“ why?”. I asked , why
He remained quiet
“ it wasn’t really your fault because you never loved her
“ Damon” he called , I am really sorry I never knew you were hurting
“Do you see the reason I can’t marry Tonia”. I asked him, I can’t marry her because I don’t want her to end up like mother so please respect my decision
He nodded and soon left the room
I sat on my bed still brooding, my mum was my everything but she died from a pathetic sickness but what really killed she was loneliness
I was emotionally down when she died but miss Petra stood by me and filled up the missing gap and I soon recovered, that was when i met Bella who I loved but she died also
“ why do the most treasured women in my life die”
I vowed never to love again because of the heartache I experienced twice but right now I feel like a lost soul………………
Nora PoV
I kept on thinking about Damon, he is not as cold as they say
“ I laid on the bed and kept on smiling”
“ Nora”. a voice called me out of my thoughts, I smiled when I saw it was Andrew
“ hi buddy”. I greeted
“ what were you thinking of that made you smile?”. he asked
“ I did not smile”. I said giving him a playful glare
“ Nora you lie too much”.he told me
“ what!!”. I exclaimed and pursued him as he ran round the house. The door suddenly opened and my mom walked in
“ I can see you two are in a good mood”.she said smiling
“ how is Zara?”. I asked
“ she is really recovering faster,The Doctor said she might be discharged before Sunday”. My mum jumped excitedly
I looked at my mom, she was so happy. How can I tell her it was all a lie?, how can I tell her that her daughter is a liar……
Tonia PoV
“ what father, what do you mean he rejected me? I asked my dad
“ sweetheart, you need to forget about that boy”. he said
I looked at him and scoffed. I can’t really believe Damon rejected me.
“ am I not beautiful enough?
I begged my dad to talk Damon father into an arranged marriage but he rejected it
“ who does Damon think he is?

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