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When I Met You Episode 9-10

When I Met You

When I met you
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 9-10
The real me
Nora POV
I woke up the next morning feeling elated. I went into the bathroom to freshen up but there was no water
I hummed as I walk to the neighbour compound to fetch two buckets of water
“ Good morning Mrs Peterson”. I greeted excitedly
“Morning Nora, how was your night?”. She asked
“ Fine ma”.
I kept on humming and tapping my feet to its rhythm as I fetched the water . I glanced at Mrs Peterson and she was staring at me curiously
“ Thank you ma”. I greeted her as I carried the buckets full of water out of her compound
“She must be wondering why I am so happy today”
I dropped one of the bucket in the kitchen and used the second one in bathing
I returned to the room and walked over to the wardrobe I share with Zara to select a nice clothes
I went through it looking for a good cloth, I really wanted to impress Damon
“Why am I thinking of him again”
I stared at my reflection in the mirror , is this really me?
I was putting on a tight skirt which brought out all my curves and a crop top..
I knew this wasn’t my usual way of dressing but I wanted to feel among…
I plaited my hair into a loosed bun and applied lot of makeup which made me look like a barbie doll
I pulled out a black boot from under the wardrobe,dusted it and put it on
I am good to go……………
I stepped out of the house and met Anthony with some of his friends, they were obviously going to work
Anthony opened his mouth in surprise when he saw me
“Nora, why are you dressed like this?”. He asked
“ do I look good?”. I asked flashing him a smile
“You look beautiful but in a weird way”. He replied
“ how?”. I asked him with a raised eyebrow
“Nora, this is not your way of dressing. Don’t be like those rich spoilt kids”. He said
“ I like the way I am”. I said
“ really”. he asked
“ bye Anthony, I will see you when I am back “. I said as I walked away
“ will Damon be attracted to me if I dress like this ?”.i thought
I got to the school and I noticed most of the boys were staring at me
“She look so hot “ she got a killer shape, she those ass”. I heard some say
I ignored all of them and walked into the class
“ oh my gawd”. Noami exclaimed as soon she saw me, you look like a model”. She remarked
“ Thanks”. I replied blushing
I sat down on a seat next to hers
“ Noami”. I called her
“ yes”. She replied looking at me
“What does Damon major in”. I asked her
“ I don’t know”. She replied shrugging her shoulders, why do you ask?”. She asked me
“ nothing, just wondering if he goes to school here”. I lied
“ of course he does, he is in year 3 and attends a special class with his two friends”. She replied
“ special class?”. I asked encouraging her to continue
“ yes”, he is the owner of this school, so he needs special treatment”. She replied grinning
“ oh”. I nodded, where is this class?”. I asked
“The third floor”. She replied, but why are you asking? she asked
“ nothing, was just curious”. I replied
“ look over there”. Noami nudged me
I look at the entrance and saw Tonia walking into the class. She glared at me when our gaze met and I immediately looked away…
She walked over to a chair at the corner of the class and sat down, she had this angry look on her face
“ what is wrong with her?”. I asked Noami
“I don’t know but I think something is eating her up”. Noami replied and we both laughed…
After the Lecturer left the class, I decided to go look for Damon and thank him for the drive yesterday
“ I will use it as an excuse to see his cute face”
“Noami”. I called , I need to use the bathroom “. I lied
“ okay”, don’t be long “. she replied without looking up at me
I smiled at her , she was getting used to studying..
“ how do I get to the third fall”. I muttered , There was an elevator at a corner of the building but I was scared to get on it since I have never ride on one before so I decided to make use of the stairs
I climbed up the stairs and met only a few students on the way
I got to the third floor and gasped in surprise, the classes were more beautiful
“ how can I get to Damon class”. I asked a lady who was coming out from a class in front of me
She eyed me and scoffed
“ you must be either Mikel or Donald bitch”
“ what!!!”. I exclaimed
“ you don’t need to act all work up , take a walk down, the last class by your right”. She instructed
“ Thanks”. I said to her
“ whatever”. She said with an eye roll and left
“ are all rich kids rude”. I thought
I walk down as instructed till I got to the last class
“ This must be it”. I said when I read the inscription on the door
“ out of bounds to all students”
I pushed the door opened and peeked inside
“ who are you?”. I heard a voice asked , come in properly if you have something to say
I took a deep breathe before entering the class and I saw the surprised look on Damon friends face
I looked around the class and saw Damon with his eyes close lying on a bed
“ There is a bed in a class, amazing.
“Wow look who we have here”. One of his friends said
“ why are you here?”. the second one asked
“ I am here to see Damon, I mean Sir Damon “. I replied
They looked at me and scoffed
“ what business do you have with him?”. The second friend asked
“ I just wanted…………….
“ Let her be Mikel”. Damon said sitting up on the bed
“ so he had been awake”. I thought
“ come closer”. he said
I nodded as i moved closer to him , I felt his eyes roamed all over me
“ why are you here?”: he asked
“ I just wanted to thank you for the drive yesterday”. I replied with my head down
There was no response from him
“ sir”. I called again
There was still no response . I looked up to know the reason he was silent when I met his gaze
“ was he staring at me the whole time “
“ sir”. I called but he kept on staring, this time directly at me face
“ i must sound like a fool”.
I turned to take my leave when he called
“ Nora”
I turned back looking at him in surprise
“You are more beautiful without the makeup on”
“ really”. I asked blushing
He nodded.” And the outfit you putting on does not suit you, I prefer the real you”
“what did he just say, he prefer the real me”
Wow, I can feel the love in the air
This Nora sef is funny
Episode 10
Nora PoV continues
I climbed down the stairs smiling sheepishly
“ Damon complimented me, he told me I am beautiful. Oh, what a miracle!”
I bumped into Noami at the entrance of the class
“ Sorry”. I said laughing
“ where have you been?”. She asked
“I went to the bath………….”
“ Liar”. She said cutting my short, I have been to all the bathrooms searching for you
“ oh”. I replied not knowing what else to say
“ where have you been Nora?”. She asked
“ fine, I went to Damon class”. I told her
“ Damon, are you one of his friends bitch?”. She asked
“ what!!, I exclaimed in shock, I never expected her to say such
“ why the hell will you go over to Damon’s class if not to see his friends?”. She asked
“ I went to see Damon, not his friends”. I replied
“ why”. She asked
“ he helped me yesterday so I went to thank him”. I replied
“ help you with what?”. She asked
I looked at her wondering why she was so eager to know
“ he drove me home yesterday”. I told her
“Damon what!!!!”. She exclaimed ,are you sure it is him?” . She asked
“Noami you are funny”. I replied laughing
“Is that why you are dressed like a whore?”. She asked out of a sudden
“ whore”. I muttered
“ don’t get any funny ideas, Damon cannot look at a poor thing like you not to talk of fucking or dating you “. She said giving me an icily glare
“ Noami”. I called in surprise
“ yuck”. She said and left in anger
“ what did I do wrong?” . I asked myself
I looked at myself and suddenly became ashamed of my dress, no one told me the truth except Anthony and Damon
“ is that the reason why those guys were staring at me, they probably saw me as whore”
I walked into the class with my head bent in shame
I looked at Noami and she still have that angry look on her face
“ Noami “. I called but she didn’t answer
“ what have I done?”
Damon POV
“You drove her home Damon, I can’t believe it”. Mikel huffed as soon as Nora left the class
“ There is no big deal about it”. I replied
“No man, there is a big deal”. Mikel said
I looked at him and laughed
“ how?”. I asked
“ you have never glanced at any other girl after Bella died”. he replied
“ don’t bring Bella into this “. I yelled
“ I am sorry man”. He apologised
“ but really Damon, you need to move on “.Donald adviced
I looked at him and scoffed
“ you are just too stubborn”. He remarked
“If you are not interested in that girl, can you please hand her over”. Mikel said licking his lips
“Damn you”. I cursed him
“Do you like her”. He asked
“ Hell no”. I replied, she is not even my type
They both laughed
“ you liar.Mikel said , she is your ideal type of girl. but since you don’t want her, give me permission to fuck her”
“ you don’t need my permission, I don’t own her”.i replied
“Good, I guess I am free to have her then”.he smacked his lips
“ when you are done with her ,can pass her to me?”Donald asked grinning
“ I am not promising you, I might want to keep her “. Mikel replied smiling
I looked at both of them and I kind of felt jealous
“ why am I getting this kind of feeling”

Nora POV
I waited for everyone to leave the class before walking out
“Noami refused to talk to me and even left without even sparing me a glance
“ what did I do wrong”
“ I came to school feeling like a queen and I am leaving feeling like a whore
I stepped out into the compound and was surprised to see Damon and his friends talking in front of Damon’s car
What are they still doing in school by this time”
I kept on walking towards the huge gate trying hard not to glance at Damon when one of his friends called me
“Pretty girl, come over here”. He commanded”
“ what?”. I asked looking back to be sure he was referring to me
“ i am talking to you”.he replied
I walked towards them trying not to look at Damon
“ you are looking beautiful”. he said as soon I as got to them
“ Thanks”. I replied
“ I am Mikel”. He said grinning
“ Nora”. I replied shyly
“ can we hang out this evening?”. He asked
“I em er m”. I stammered
“ please baby”.he pleaded
“ No”. I replied and he laughed
“ why?”. he asked
“ she does not want you man and that is final”. Damon said out of sudden
We all looked at him in surprise
“ why are you still here by this time?”. he asked
“I just er we”.i stammered not knowing what to say
“Get into the car”. he commanded
really?”. I asked excitedly
“ do you want to sleep here?”. he asked back
I shook my head negatively
“ then get in the car”. he replied
I quickly sat down beside him as he drove off without even sparing a glance at his friends who just stood looking on in surprise….
“Thanks”.i said to him as he was driving me home
“ what you sleeping in class?”.he asked
“No”.I replied
“ then what were you doing?”. he asked
“ I em we er”. I stammered not knowing what to say
he looked at me and smirked
“ what exactly do you stay ?”. he asked
“ you can drop me here “. I told him
“ where exactly is your home?”. he asked again
“ you won’t be able to go there”. I told him
“ why?”. he asked
“ you won’t like it”.I replied
“ why won’t I?”. he asked
“ I live in the slums”. I replied
he looked at me and gave me a small smile
“ it doesn’t mean”
I watched him as he drove off, The rich heir to the Adams corporation brought me home
“He dropped me in front of my tiny home , it is really hard to believe”
I walked into my house and sat on the bed
“ Damon what are you doing to me”. I said aloud as I felt my heart racing……………
awwww, I love this
What the hell is wrong with Noami?

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